The morning of the day to come.  I was in a corner of a residential area and came to a small open area where only a torii was set.  Now I’m standing on the road looking at the vacant area, but sometimes the people passing by pass by without any concern for me at all.  Not only me, I also lo

“Are you ready now?” Continue training with frequent hydration, and when the time and condition of the stomach are just getting better, I release the gravity strengthening magic and finish the training. When the break comes in this way, the inside of the body becomes heavy and whether

Book 4, Chapter 59 - Stirring Things Up Cloudhawk watched the whole scene play out.  Outside the portholes the world was a chaotic display of explosions and beams of light. The flames of this conflict painted the dark clouds an angry red, and everywhere they turned they were met with disarray

Book 4, Chapter 57 - Between the Hammer and Anvil General Skye’s body blazed with golden light as he rose into the air, and shot off into the clouds by himself. Each step in midair caused a small explosion, propelling him forward. After a few steps he was moving faster than a bullet. Abandoni

Book 4, Chapter 58 - Can't Afford To Lose Whether against the Conclave of Judgment, the Dark Atom, or both, Skycloud’s expeditionary force was equipped to face the threat. However, they now found themselves in a complicated and dangerous predicament. Just as the Elysian forces were clos

As Ji Feng Li walked in upon this scene, the expression on his face slightly stiffen for a split second before the corners of his lips lifted in a smile and his eyes darkened. He swiftly approach the bed and stood in front of Hua Zhu Yu. “This Chancellor’s future wife dares not bother

Accompanied by the cold, the snow descended and blanketed the earth. Hua Zhu Yu had left the camp and was currently settled on a rock near the riverbank. Due to the drop in temperature, the river surface had condensed into a thin stretch of ice. A few birds were currently perched on the ice, wander

Meanwhile, on a planet far away in the North Area, a man dressed as a swordsman was sitting erect on a rock. He was hugging his knees, with a long sword strapped to his back. He was one of Zangya’s three companions who came to the North Area to find Boss Bojack’s sealed place—Swor

The venue of the World Martial Arts Tournament… As the start of the tournament was fast approaching, well-known and powerful experts from all over the world arrived from thousands of miles away, making the whole venue unusually lively. “Heh heh, there are so many people, and they are

In the afternoon, the quarter-finals of the Martial Arts tournament officially began. On the arena, the host enthusiastically announced with a microphone, “I’ve kept everyone waiting for a long time. Now, the World Martial Arts Tournament—which was last held five years ago—is

Dinner Service (2) Translator: Naturalrice Rewriter: MrScaryMuffin As Desir made his way towards the Shadow Gate, Ajest fell in step with the party as though it was the most natural thing in the world. There was an uncomfortable amount of tension between Ajest and Romantica. Romantica was still d

Dinner Service (3) Translator: SAOlover69 Rewriter: Wynn As the potatoes simmered in in the oven, Jefran swapped over to the steaks. He grabbed a slab of beef from the pantry and tossed it onto the table. “What’s the order?” “Three well done, five medium, three medium rare

Chapter 208 - Driven Into A Corner (2) “What’s going on here? Is that woman picking on you again?” Lan Xin’s voice sounded behind Lan Jinyao. The latter softly laughed and asked in response, “Why are you asking? Have you ever seen Qingqing pick on me at other times?&

Chapter 209 - Driven Into A Corner (3) Lan Jinyao sighed and then strode into the living room. When Chen Meile saw her, she quickly waved at her and said, “Meimei, quickly come over here!” Qingqing, whose face was stained with tears, also turned and glared at her, her pupils dilated wi

Chapter 80 : The mistakenly switched daugther of an aristocratic family (4)   “Shaohua, you came just in time.” Mother An immediately stood up and smilingly dragged Ye Shaohua over. Although they had not interacted much, but this appearance was like hers. Furthermore, Old An

Chapter 79 : The mistakenly switched daugther of an aristocratic family (3)   “An Tingjun, where did you learn etiquette for more than 20 years? Get loud one more time and i’ll make you roll out of here!” Father An looked at An Tingjun coldly. “This is also your y

Chapter 125: Friction Although Sang Wan was feeling upset, she knew those words could not be said as it would only embarrass Shi Fengju and her mother-in-law.   Meanwhile, Gu Fangzi was secretly gloating when Sang Wan talked back to Shi Yumei. She could not wait for a larger fight between th

Chapter 126: Desolated “This wine is sweet and mild, it doesn’t cause intoxication or give a feeling of discomfort when drinking. Anyway, it’s fine to get drunk in your home, so just treat it as keeping me company?” Shi Fengju did not allow her to say no and filled another e

Chapter 127: Right Up Her Doorstep In the end, when Shi Fenghua invited Sang Yufei to his academy without informing Ren Zhixian, Ren Zhixian became infuriated and vented all his unhappiness onto Shi Yumei.   Sh Yumei became angry too. She said venomously, “How could they! The Sang sibl

Chapter 128: A Farce There, Shi Yumei was already laying in her mother’s embrace as she cried intermittently and terribly. Wang Shi gently patted her back and coaxed her softly.   Seeing Shi Fengju and Sang Wan, Wang Shi was unhappy and said, “You’re here, sit down!”

Chapter 280 Strongest Sage, Challenges Experiment   "...We've gone quite far." "I think it's around 100 meter deep?" "Yea... Guess it's a precaution to prevent getting found out." The magic freight car stopped after a while. Our destination was a s

Chapter 279 Strongest Sage, Rides Freight Car   "OK then, walk about 500 meter to the left from there!" I check mana reaction of the spot 500 meter away. ...It only showed a rocky mountain. But looking closer, it's really concealing an entrance to a facility. That's a wel

Chapter 1616 – To Be Completely Convinced (3) “If you can take any of these five things out of this storeroom under my supervision tonight, I will openly give them to you and promise that I will never pursue you because of it in the future. But…” Shen Yanxiao’s tone c

Chapter 1617 – To Be Completely Convinced (4) “You’re not going to use your Summoner’s skills or Magic Archer’s skills?” Shen Yanxiao’s promise made Qin Ge a little stunned. A great part of his despair came from Shen Yanxiao’s strength. Although he wa

Chapter 1618 – To Be Completely Convinced (5) Qin Ge and Su Feihuan were defeated, without any way to fight back. Not only had Shen Yanxiao taken away the two treasures in his hands the moment before Qin Ge’s last step, but she also took away the Wish-granting Crystal hidden in his clot

Chapter 141 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (6) “BoomBoomBoom——“ One after another, the cannons were shooting at the monster, yet the monster didn’t have any response. As if being fed up from these tickles, the monster opened its mouth, and the orange ray of so

Chapter 142 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (7) Han Yi and others’ eyes were following with Jiang Qi’s movement. After Jiang Qi fell into a disadvantage, because of their assistance, they managed to hold back Golza’s attack. And later, Jiang Qi focused his energy to his fo

Chapter 143 Doubt(1) In Night Raider’s headquarter, the staff members were very busy in the Operation Command Room which was in the center of the base. They were the backbones of Night Raider. Most of the Night Raider’s orders were issued from here. However, the atmosphere here recent

Chapter 144 Doubt (2) The sky remained gloomy. The dark cloud spread across the earth. The sky was pushed down, as if to be within reach. “And that guy above the stair had vanished yet again…..” Little Jiang qi gnashed her teeth and said. When she recalled that empty room, she

Chapter 145 Doubt (3) “Kacha——“ The door closed. Little Jiang qi’s entire being became chilly. Jiang Qi sensed the crisis and was about to run away. “Hold it……” Little Jiang qi’s faint voice came out and made Jiang Qi standing still i

Chapter 134 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (8) A round moon hang above the black screen of the sky, shining moonlight onto the human world, making a layer if red fine gauze onto the dark world. Several people far away from the battlers looked at slowly standing up Jiang Qi and recalled that strang

Chapter 135 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (9) This punch of Jiang Qi Immediately roused up human’s morale. If it went on like this, then the monster could be killed. The situation of the following battle lean to another side, Liang Huang totally didn’t dare to confront head-on with Ji

Chapter 136 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (1) The blue sky, without any trace of floating cotton, as if the variated color was filtered out, shone magnificently. “Shua——“ A figure streak across the sky with extreme speed, creating a huge air current. “Sou&md

Chapter 137 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (2) At the village in the south, the villagers built their village on the mountainside, with smoke coming out from every house’s chimneys. After a meal, the villagers took out TV remote to open TV, looking for some news to pass time. “

Chapter 138 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (3) Jiunong mountain’s extinct volcano suddenly eruption shocked entire China. Night Raider’s also held an emergency meeting. “Regarding this volcanic eruption, I think we should immediately stop it.” A middle-aged man wear

Chapter 139 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (4) Little Jiang qi was still wearing pink ‘helloKitty’ and knotted her hair with bow hairpin. With her little hands at the back, she hopped in and sat down beside Jiang Qi’s bed. “Big sis take dad to check up at the hospita

Chapter 140 The Abnormal Movement in Subterranean (5) “Night Raider has already descended.” The reporter holding microphone wanted to enter to interview Night Raider, but was stopped by the patrol guard. With no way, he could only said : “We are unable to enter and interview and

Chapter 128 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (2) “Peng——“ Under the redness of the setting sun, two giants clashed into each other, creating a stir of dust. Jiang Qi was pushed back a few steps. He drew his fist back and looked at Leo in front of him with rapid breath. This

Chapter 129 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (3) “Hahaha……” The people in the room almost died out of laughter. Little Jiang qi almost fell down from the couch, she said with tears in her eyes : “You are really a talent! Zhao Ritian…….hahaha…&hell

Chapter 130 The Hundred Ghost Night Parade (4) It was a sunny and clear sky, transparent like the jasper. The site was a bit chaotic. A number of reporters swarmed to the front of school like flies. If not because of the policeman watching at the front gate, these reported would already have throw