The Prince and the Witch Ending   When they both got ready and wanted to go eat at the restaurant, a waiter came to knock on their door to let them know they had guests.   It was unexpected, Joanna is not surprised, but she also found Ian not surprised. This man is really smart… probably al

The Prince who was Found        They were both witches and congenial to each other. They both regard the other as a sister, and thus treated each other as true sisters.        Some witches are very keen on banality, often seeking other witches for a chat. Of

The Witch who Took the Prince Far Away   ”We’re going away?” Ian watched Joanna packing the luggage and asked the question after packing his necessities in a small bag. After all, it is the summer and it is very hot and not a suitable day for Joanna to go out.   ”Yes.&rdquo

The Witch Who Saved the Day   At every town, they will let the horses rest and take a break. Each day, they pass about two or three towns.   Ian felt that the journey was very pleasant, but on the bumpy carriage, Joanna didn’t sleep well, and was not in high spirits. This made Ian, who was s

The Prince Reluctant to Part   After Joanna slumbered for a day and a night, she woke up and returned to her normal routine. It so happens that the heavy rain had finally stopped, and she arranged to continue the journey.   Although, she didn’t quite understand why so many people delayed her

Prince in the Same Bed as the Witch   The carriage took them to a superior hotel very close to the palace, where the service and amenities was not comparable to the previous civilian inns.   He was not happy to see this. Others may not know, but he knows that this is his mother’s own family&

The Prince and Witch Before Separation   Because of exhaustion, Joanna fell asleep quickly after lying on the bed. Ian, who is laying next to her, had a hard time falling asleep.   Tonight is the last night with the goddess… He looked at her sleeping face with heartbreak.   He knows that t

“Not bad. Even I, who is somewhat prejudice toward you, must admit that your plans for this are perfect. I can’t find any faults with you. Proceed with it. If I’m ready, when can we start?” Mommy Elizabeth solemnly replied, “Though preparations are complete and we can

Castell came over when we were having wine after dinner. He reported, “Your Majesties, the group along with the pope from the new church have arrived.” “Oh? Their pope personally came? It sounds as though this is very important to them.” Mom placed her glass of wine down wi

Chapter 424: Miss’ hate       Jin Wang even asked his Master for a drug that could control a person.       The more Qing Feng contemplates about it, the more he thinks that his guess is correct.       As long as h

Chapter 425: Xiao Bao as hostage       “You… do you guys know what you’re doing? I am a disciple of the Heavenly Road Sect – if you offend my sect, you people would no longer be able to stand in the Yanwu Continent! You… you better not mess

Chapter 426: Niangqin, it hurts      His hand loosens, and the knife falls down to the floor with a clatter. He couldn’t bear it anymore, as he lets out a tragic howl akin to a dying pig’s.       Han Ye clicks his tongue twice: “This

Chapter 427: Puppet       It’s as of her heart is being constricted, she couldn’t breath from the pain.       “Hahaha…” Qing Feng’s laughs becomes more and more savage, “I gave Li Jinting a Wuqi seed, bu

Day 7. Today, Rei and Baslero headed to the guild training ground again. Before using the training ground, Rei had gone ahead to let Lenora know and fortunately there weren’t any drunks who tried to mess around with Baslero, which was understandable in a sense if you considered the events of

The 8th and last day of Baslero’s combat training. Today, as with the days before, Rei, Baslero and Set were at the guild training grounds. 「Uwa, there’s no muscle pain……I’m a little jealous of those who can use healing magic.」 For some reason, Milein, who he had pr

Chapter 159 I Am Doing What Is Righteous "Run!"   One of the remaining three security guards suddenly screamed.   Immediately, the remaining three turned around and ran.   "Are you able to get away in front of me?"   With a sneer in his face, Min Zuow

Chapter 160 I've Known Who This Person Is The person who suddenly took Min Zuowei's fist was naturally Liu Feng.   In fact, Liu Feng had already attracted much attention before he made a move. Because he was approaching with the banner of Donghai University of Science and Technology,

Chapter 159 The Wronged Person There is another reason for this incident to be particularly serious. It is that the little girl’s family is in extremely poor conditions. The news has been reported online for several days.   “Netizens are all like this. If the victim is a child of

Chapter 160 Impenitence Yan Hua didn’t expect a girl who framed her classmate’s father with despicable methods to be polite when she came, but apparently she still overestimated Meng Ze.   “Why? That idiot Yang Le asked you to come?” Meng Ze’s school uniform ski

‘When you arrive, I want you all to climb on the outer walls of the town and look outward! And try to maintain an even distance from each other!’   I sent the order to the slimes. This would be my first time creating a barrier of this size.   ‘Okay!’   T

Again?’   ‘Yuji. Are you sure?’   The slimes seemed worried about me. However, using ‘Hellfire of Death’ once more here seemed like it would be the most effective way to ensure that we win.   Obviously, I could always just leave these people and ru

A toast to Yuji and his slimes. And also the dragon skull!”   “Cheers!”   The voices boomed in the alehouse. After the safety of the surrounding area had been confirmed, a party was held to celebrate the successful hunting of the monsters after the outbreak.  

Ah!” Li Man was shocked and threw herself into his arms, “Which tree?” She couldn’t see it. “It’s at the pine tree on the edge of the road. It has many dense leaves; you probably can’t see it.” Li Mo answered. Li Man’s heart jumped, she didn&rs

“I’m not afraid.” Li Man hesitatingly shrank her hands down, but she didn’t struggle. Li Mo smiled, “there’s nothing to be afraid of. All of the wild beasts are in the depths of the mountain, they usually don’t come out.” Saying so, he used the basket

AST 2481 - Battle Gods' Resolving Method, Arranging for Battle "There hasn't been anyone who dares to oppose me, the Young Master Shen. You're courting death. Do you know what place this is?" Young Master Shen wore an expression which seemed to say that Qing Shui's group h

AST 2480 - Messed Up Divine Palace Nation Divine City! By the time Qing Shui's group arrived in Divine City, half a year had already passed. It was a long journey and they weren't in a hurry. Sometimes, they would even stop at a place for a couple of days. There were some places which coul

Miracle District (3)   Yep, it was alchemy. This entire city was now protected by alchemy formations.  Why the formations? For this, Ye Lang gave the simplest explanation possible: he was concentrating the essence of the moon and the sun, and at the same time refining the life energy of

Payment (1)   Ye Lang continued treating patients in the following months, providing the doctors a great opportunity for learning. They’d never pass up such an opportunity like this! Although the way Ye Lang used traditional Chinese medicine was a little confusing, at least they could w

Payment (2)   “You heard him! Even he admits he’s robbing us. How could we allow this? This is a sacred place, the Sacred Teachings tell us we must help anyone who needs help without condition!” said the duke excitedly, dragging the Teachings into this matter.  He felt

Payment (3)   “What do you mean?” asked the duke, a little confused.  “I mean, don’t act like you’re poor to avoid paying the bills. Even if you could trick everyone here, you’d still have a very horrible ending. There was once a rich man who pretende

Ice and Fire (1)   The block of ice hit the duke with a heavy thud. Since his feet were frozen to the ground, he could do nothing but take every hit. “Ye Lanyu, hit his chest, don’t waste your hits on his limbs! Hurt him!” said the seventh princess very calmly. Her words did

Ice and Fire (2)   “Boss can’t hold it any longer!! We’ve got to help him!”  As they watched the swordsman bearing the brunt of Ye Lanyu’s attacks, looking like he was struggling a lot, the rest of the men immediately rushed forward to attack Ye Lanyu. 

Miracle District (2)   “The placement, the design and even the structure of these houses are all so disorganised, I want them rebuilt!” Ye Lang replied, to which no one was surprised. With Ye Lang’s personality, it was clear he wanted the most perfect houses. Such defective

Translated by: Minx Calypso Edited by: cdewsx77 Chapter 27: Be Prepared to Train Hard “Shut up!” Huang Yi wanted to say something but was interrupted by a cold shout from his father. His father even glared at him. Who is Mu Tian? I’m afraid that there aren’t a

Translated by: Minx Calypso Edited by: cdewsx77 Chapter 28: Passing on the Cultivation Methods As expected, a distance of a little more than 300 miles wasn’t very far. After the fast horses galloped for more than an hour, the wheat field gradually disappeared. Mountains and sprawl

Chang Geng was silent for a while, his expression quite gloomy. He rubbed Gu Yun's finger joints back and forth absentmindedly, then sighed, "In this matter, there is nothing I can do. A person cannot prove their own origin."           Let alon

The Barbarian envoy's smile was constantly twisting and morphing in Chang Geng's eyes, with an unspeakable demonic aura. It was the same expression as Hu Ge Er's when she was cursing him before dying. It deposited the bitterness of Eighteen Tribes who fought against heaven and earth, aga

Chapter 263: Yan Mo's Crazy Ideas As soon as this was said, not a single voice could be heard in the huge cave. This silence makes it impossible to ignore the crackling of wood burning, the breathing of people in their sleep not far away, the turning over and the occasional snoring.

Chapter 264: Yan Mo's payment to Hei Jiao. Yan Mo asked Meng to wait a moment and Hei Qi to walk into the seclusion. Meng was curious, but he didn't mean to visit. Hei Qi looked at Yan Mo with complicated eyes. There seemed to be thousands of words that he didn

Chapter 265: Yan Mo Schemes No way! Yan Mo did not utter these two words. He suppressed the upsurge in his heart and asked rationally, "The Godblood Stone? What is that?" Tian-Wu may have not have an eye, but she boasts of her strength and had no disdain to lie. Without mu