Chapter 77: Golden Blood Armor Xue Yuesha’s spatial ring had even greater storage capacity than the new one given to Qi Ying by Master Thirteen. Its capacity was at about twenty cubic feet, which was even larger than a small storage unit. There were many items placed in there, including a sma

Chapter 49: Extradimensional Space “Liu Yangyu, aren’t you too overbearing? Do you really want to occupy this place?” Dai Tongnian said furiously. “Once the intersection between this place and the extradimensional space collapses, can you bear the consequences? Besides, wha

Chapter 352 Part 1 – A Burning Smell Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301 Ten minutes later, a whistle came from the direction of the cement wall. “Okay, let’s go.” Ling Mo waved his hand and led everyone run towards the wall. “All you had to d

Chapter 351 Part 2 – Are You Jealous? Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301 Shana was wiping her scythe and smiled slightly after hearing what was said, “Inquiring about another human should be how humans get along and based on my memory, this is the most accurate e

Chapter 351 Part 1 – Are You Jealous? Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301 A-City, on top of a wide road. Tall cement walls towered over the center of the road and was connected between two structures on both sides, forming a barrier. “Sure looks like it took a l

Counter Poison With Poison InfoBet had an emergency (as in "drop everything" emergency) so this chapter is still unedited as of now. “Sigh.” Shi Jin sprawled on the sofa in the living room and kept sighing, looking troubled. Xiao Si asked, concerned, <What’s wrong,

Chapter 345: The Woman of Fate and the Woman That Wasn’t Translator: Reflet Editor: ryunakama “Are you sure about this?” “I promise.” “Alright. I shall tell you everything, then.” “Sto—-” Shirokiyami moved, trying to stop Sakura, but

<A Person Who Peels Chestnuts (3)>   If you are reading from a pirate or aggregator site, please read from the translator’s site: yado-inn (dot) com I have to put the link like this or else the bots will remove it, sorry  Marco turned dumb. He half-expected Minjoon to say it

Chapter 282.2: Lingering attachments Translated by: La0o9 Edited by: Juicetin Proofreader:  Arya   One second before she was still irritated and sorrowful, but the next she started to burst out laughing, the woman’s mood swings were a bit incredible. But such a reaction actually

176 Punishing Feng Guan Lian   Yue Bai Lian gazed at Lan You Nian with worry.  She didn’t expect Lan You Nian to outrightly kill someone.  Yue Bai Lian wondered if she has caused trouble for Lan You Nian.  But seeing Lan You Nian standing there placidly, Yue Bai Lian

Chapter 165 -- French Fries Adriano-san's request for a favour was... odd. It seemed that the city, indeed the entire Kingdom was suffering from a lack of new cuisine. Every restaurant and food-stall had the same limited and over-familiar range of cooked food on offer. Naturally the Guild Mast

Immortal V3C67: Zixun Reappearance. Translated by: RedLotus. Ten days later, Hong Niu woke up and finally broke through. Golden Core Stage, Hong Niu felt completely comfortable. Golden Core Stage, the whole body acupoints were integrated into one, forming his Primordial Golden Core. At this moment

Immortal V3C68: Meeting again after ten years. Translated by: RedLotus. “Starting from today onwards, Xuan Xinzi officially has become Kai Yang Sect Twenty Substitution Sect Master, protecting Kai Yang Martial Star, awarded by Kai Yang Martial Spoon.” The elder was very solemn and shou

Chapter 40   Until Jian Chi’s black Bentley drove away, Lu Wei Xi stood in place trying to understand the meaning of his words. Yu Mo Ran was panting as she jogged over and regrettably sighed, “Wei Xi, why didn’t you ask your boyfriend to hang with us?” “Huh&he

Book 6, Chapter 26 – Fatal Confrontation Cloudhawk had caught up with the two armies. While the Green Alliance didn’t have the same breadth of forces as Skycloud or the Conclave, it was unmatched in its ability to gather information. The south had spy units in the form of intelligent a

378 – Successive Deaths With a flick of his wrist, while employing the Demonic Fighting Sword Art, Yang Feng unleashed numerous sword rays slamming into the silver spear ray of Arlet. Arlet seemed like the embodiment of a silver dragon, and the Legend rank silver dragon spear seemed like an

“He is already a traitor!” “Don’t be afraid, we have the Marine Headquarters’ highest Battle force Admiral standing here with us, continue to fire, kill the Ghost Hand Pirates!” Some of the Vice-Admiral and Rear Admiral, who can keep the things settled, immediat

The most annoying mouse that is sneaking from behind, get out of here!” Just as the CP0 people rushed over, a roar echoed on the field, and the terrifying sand waves swept up and overwhelmed toward the CP0 member. The giant of the sand, Road! Almost at the moment when the sand was diffuse,

“Big fire!” With Akainu’s punch, the magma surged into a huge magma fist, wrapped in horrifying temperature and momentum, and fell head-on to Ross. Many Marine, caught up in the fierce battle, felt a scorching heat sweeping the battlefield, and could not help looking sideways, wi

“Inugami Guren(Dog Biting Crimson Lotus)!” After being pushed back by Ross, the magma quickly converged and formed a body. Akainu waved his hand before Ross rushed over, and the magma surge turned into a fierce wicked dog shape, spinning and swallowing up to Ross as a whole. Ross snort

“Cough! Cough… This is…” After breaking the reef, Akainu gathered his body again in a piece of magma. He had a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth, his clothes were broken, and the whole person looked bad. Kizaru and others were also surprised to see Akainu injured.

Starlight Has No Past Chapter 44 Part 2 It seemed even more unbearable when the words were coming out of Ruan Feiyan’s mouth. Zhou Tingsheng squashed his growing anger, but his voice still sounded like burning fire: “She doesn’t even know who you are. What the hell are you yelling

Li Fei Yan sat comfortably at the conference table, tapping his fingers on the table, glancing at everyone’s expression one by one. “I think everyone is very curious about the effect of the vaccine, and some people may not believe it. In this case, seeing is believing”, he said ind

It was very important that we went around and installed the magic tools at the other mansions. And we had to do it as soon as possible. However, we could go after the three of us had finished strengthening Danton’s mansion. That way, all three of us could go to the other mansions as well.

Lost Goods When the supervisor in charge of the warehouse entered Richard’s study, he felt his legs turning to jelly in an instant. Richard was tapping his table ever so softly, but every tap just felt like a punch to the heart. Without any attempt to conceal the rage, his aura was frightenin

Investigation “Hmm? Are you ready for an all-out battle against the pope already?” Richard asked Martin. The holy child was already at odds with the pope, so he could only get more divine gold through mutiny. “Of course I’m not ready!” Martin complained awkwardly, &ld

Power Once their leader was attacked, the rest of the knights and warriors fell into chaos. They drew their weapons and started swearing at Senma, but not one of them had the guts to actually fight her. “Still blocking me?” Senma smiled flirtatiously, but the bloodlust was clear in her

The Search The entire battlefield was rocked by a shockwave centred around Richard and Calor, destabilising both army formations instantly. The Brahms army immediately fell into chaos, but even with some people falling the Archerons recovered in moments. The powerhouses could only look on helplessl

Dignity *Ting!* Brahms unsheathed his sword and placed it on the captain’s neck, “The gall! Do you really think I wouldn’t kill you?” “Marquess Brahms, we Archerons aren’t afraid of death. However, His Grace did mention that all the soldiers at the checkpoints a

On the screen, two men fought in the dark stairwell. The slightly slim build man slammed the tall man to the ground with a gnashed expression. He asked repeatedly “Is it you?”, but he kept his voice so low that it seemed hoarse. The tall man maid on his back and said, “No it wasn&r

Chi-Chi accepted the Senzu Beans from Immortal Korin. After accepting favors from Immortal Korin, she couldn’t make things difficult for him, so she faintly smiled and told him the complete details of everyone’s missions. “Krillin is to look for a gourd in a remote mountain forest

The off-road vehicle sped along all the way, causing a long snake-like trail in the surging yellow sand. Bulma was wearing sunglasses as she quickly sped along, leaving West City. After Touring and adventuring along the way, Bulma entered a vast flatland a day later. It was a desolate place void o

Mount Five Element had lush greenery and towering forests. The sunlight formed beautiful light spots sunshine after passing through the leaves of the canopy of trees. At the Mountain’s peak, Goku was busy repairing the crack above the Furnace of the Eight Divisions, and standing next to him w

  Chapter 49: Call me Chi Yan finally understood what it meant by “karmic retribution comes fast”. He used to chase after Ye Yingzhi everyday in the game, happily calling him “my lady” in the game. Now, at every chance, Ye Yingzhi would call him that instead. For exa

WAO Chapter 282.1: Before the final battle Translated by: La0o9 Edited by: Juicetin Proofreader:  Arya   Gu Qing Shan put the vase away and looked back at the mountain top. There wasn’t a single person left alive, even their weapons and personal treasure tools were already colle

hapter 81 At Dr. Y’s base, Meng Kali and Lei Dun met on a narrow road. Meng Kali complained using her psychic ability, “I really don’t understand what Boss is thinking, previously, he clearly treated them evasively. I understand that as it was because of Captain Zhang, but sudden

Lin Xuanzhi found it amusing and felt comforted, so he replied with an “Okay”, then smiled mischievously. “I’ll definitely tell Ah Hen properly if even a fly approaches me in the future, lest my family’s Ah Hen eats vinegar in secret and ends up stifling himself too muc

Chapter 113: Invincible amongst level 1. While Ning Yumo was fighting, Qin Feng was also busy as he faced three people with different weapons by himself. Not only he wasn’t losing, he was instead winning. Qin Feng blocked the Bootlicker’s baseball bat attack with his hand and tightly g

Liu Mang looked over at Chen Ming, "Oh, his Eminence's tribulation is about to end, it's dissipating!" Xue Ziyu turned, "Eh? Something's not right. The Heavenly Tribulation wants to leave, so why is his Eminence bothering it?" Su Qingyang added, "My guess is hi

Su Qingyang and Liu Mang rushed over just in time to see Chen Ming squatting before another ray of starlight. "What is his Eminence doing?" Fairy Zi Xia replied, "If my hypothesis is correct, his Eminence is delving deep into the Heavenly Stellar Array's fundamentals." Liu