Chapter 671 “She’s a Good Person (7)” “Tsing Yi, you are seriously injured now so stay here and care for yourself until I finish refining the medicine. I will come back for you.” “Let Goldy and Silvery follow you then?” The dragoness offers the help after

Chapter 670 “She’s a Good Person (6)” Contract? Blinking her eyes, Bai Yan was rather taken aback by the suddenness of it all. Even so, she didn’t refuse after recalling back to the events which took place when she contracted Little Rice back at the bedside. Closing her eye

Chapter 99 Teaching Zhang Yunyan felt bitter and could not say anything when looking at the Tongtian Precious Carriage flying to the future era.   She lost Tianyue Country which she fought for, the friend of life and death—Samuume, her beloved second prince, and Xiao Tianlong in front

Chapter 100 Struggling Desperately When the Tongtian Precious Carriage stopped, Zhang Yunyan was eager and somewhat uneasy. She did not know whether it was her own time, so she went to have a check immediately.   She saw the rock wall covering the hole, the uneven rock surrounding, the two c

Chapter 2235: I’ll Give You an Explanation But to the disappointment of Wen Cheng and the others, they did not see what they wanted. They did not see Jian Chen fall to the ground when the rock crumbled. Instead, he remained at the same height as he shone with a holy light. He was completely u

Chapter 2234: The Provocation “What’s the cultivation of the second senior brother?” Jian Chen continued to ask. “The second senior of the Snowfall Peak is the same as senior Zhuo Feng. He also has a three-colored soulcore, but he has already touched on the basics of the La

Chapter Eighty Three – Brute Force Just as Hu Shan was furiously waving the blazing sabre, the cold water that had pierced the flames suddenly exploded, turning into seven streams and landing around Hu Shan. The seven streams were thin, filled with a white cold energy. They revolved rapidly,

Chapter Seventy Eight – Making A Move The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind. Wen Tie sanren had his disciple in the light purchasing the yin beads, while he himself was concealed in the darkness. When he saw that Yun Xia xianzi had yin thunder beads, it was like he was

Chapter Seventy Nine – Zuo Mo’s Decision Zuo Mo opened his eyes and instantly let out a wail of pain. His body felt like someone had taken a short blade and scraped all over. It was excruciatingly painful. Was he at home? What time was it? Zuo Mo struggled up while shaking his dizzy hea

Chapter Eighty – A Transformation On the Gravestone Five days of rest passed in the blink of an eye. Waiting for Xin Yan Shibo’s harsh training, Zuo Mo accidentally found out that Shibo had left on other matters and his training would be temporarily halted. Without anything else to do

Chapter Eighty One – Ling Ying Sect When Zuo Mo rushed to the entrance of the mountain, he found the situation was much more serious than he had initially thought. Two distinct groups of people surrounded the mountain gate. Zuo Mo’s gaze swept across the crowd of people that caused the

Chapter Eighty Two – If People Don’t Get Ill-gotten Gains, They Won’t Be Rich! A burst of dense sword essence flowed into the ling armor and silently snuck into Yan Ming Zi’s body. Yan Ming Zi only felt an extremely cold needle suddenly burrow into his body. His body instan

Chapter Seventy Two – Seeing Guests “Fourth-grade Golden Crow fire?” Wen Tie sanren looked with disbelief at the little lingdan in Old He’s hands, “I see that there isn’t much ling energy in this lingdan. It can’t even enter second-grade. Can this really ma

Chapter Seventy Three – Inspiration in An Emergency Zuo Mo, finding inspiration in an emergency, gave a horrific wail and then collapsed on the ground. Outside the dan room, the disciple heard Zuo Mo’s wail and asked panicked: “Shixiong! Shixiong! Are you alright?” There wa

Chapter Seventy Four – Nightmare Zuo Mo wasn’t get upset when he was restricted from dan-making for a month . To escape from imminent life threatening danger or to make dan for a month, it wasn’t a difficult choice to make; however, when informed that his ban would be endlessly ex

Chapter Seventy Five – Haze The atmosphere was tense and heavy in Dong Fu Hall, each person’s face black. Wounds could be seen on some people. In front of them silently laid the corpse of Yuan Li. It was a strange gray-green color. Yun Xia xianzi’s eyes showed extreme sorrow. Sh

Chapter Seventy Six – Body Cultivating Sword Formation A sword formation! This was actually a sword formation! Damn it, why did Shibo throw him into a sword formation? Zuo Mo suddenly thought of the jade scroll in his hand. If the muscles on his face weren’t paralyzed, his expression r

Chapter Seventy Seven Plot Zuo Mo stared dazedly at the patches of signs in the free market. Pu Yao’s countenance was extremely smug and arrogant. The depression over the recent failure sweeping away as he said, “See, I said so. Yin beads are very valuable!” Zuo Mo gradually reg

Chapter Sixty Six – Awakening Zuo Mo slowly opened his eyes and couldn’t help but groan because of his sore body. “Shixiong, you’re awake.” An unfamiliar female stood beside the bed, her expression respectful. Zuo Mo noticed a hint of awe in her eyes. Based on her clo

Chapter Sixty Seven – Questions and Answers Zuo Mo was like a tense string as he carefully moved in front of the door to the grass hut. Just the slightest bit of outside force and he would move. He took a deep breath. Even though he had broken through to the second breath of [Embryonic Breat

Chapter Sixty Eight – A Rare Leisure There was a pale blue third grade water grass lying in the jade box. Light flickered across the plant and it exuded a faint coldness. Icy Cloud Grass. It was a very rare water element ling grass. Its shadow could be found in many kinds of high level dan r

Chapter Sixty Nine – Zuo Mo Drooling At an inconspicuous residence within Dong Fu. “Stars in Daytime is caused by the most powerful yaomo. It is used to ease their absorption of star power during the day by forcing the world to twist, and give them access to energy from the stars.&rdqu

Chapter Seventy – The Yin Bead Zou Mo concentrated as his hands moved according to Pu Yao’s instructions, his hands moved like fluttering butterflies and activated the spell. The benefits of consistently practicing [Art of Flora] was evident in the fluid motions of his fingers. This spe

Chapter Seventy One – A New Experiment “Bought … … bought it,” Yun Xia xianzi’s grave tone scared Xiao Huan. She stammered, “I bought it for half a third-grade jingshi. At the free market. I felt the seller was very pitiful and bought one.” “

Chapter Sixty One Planning Zuo Mo wiped river water off his face, his steps uneven as he climbed up the shores of the river. He hadn’t thought that [Li Water Burning Heavens] would form into a flood and carry him, who had been in a weak state, a few hundred miles away. One [Li Water Burning H

Chapter Sixty Two Lin Qian Luo Li was both proud and regretful as he shook his head: “This isn’t the real Void Sword Scripture. Reconstructing Void Sword Scipture, how can it be this easy?” Qin Cheng quickly recovered and sighed: “So strong even when it is incomplete. How s

Chapter Sixty Three The Sect Assessment Returning to the mountain, Zuo Mo was called over to Shi Feng Rong immediately and was severely scolded. Zuo Mo knew that his master was worried for him and he was very agreeable. Inside, his heart felt warm. Master might not have a good temper, her personali

Chapter Sixty Four – Caught it! [Seven Whirlpools]! The outer sect disciples simultaneously sighed in shock. Those that had been spectating instantly became alert. Zuo Mo Shixiong really had concealed himself deeply! Yan Le was slightly surprised as he looked at the plaza: “Little Mo

Chapter Sixty Five – Li Water Burning Heavens “Should we call for an end?” Yan Le said with slight dissatisfaction, his brows furrowed as he looked at the sorry figure of Zuo Mo in the plaza. Before, he had felt that even though Luo Li had been somewhat arrogant, but overall, he h

Chapter Fifty Nine Practicing Sword In The Water Zuo Mo was stunned. The picture inside the jade scroll gave him an earth-shattering shock! The following days, he would wake up at night. The bloody and terrifying scene tormented him like a nightmare. In the ling fields, he dazedly sat, his mind u

Chapter Sixty Comprehension The rushing river water roared thunderously, creating large patches of snow white foam. Occasionally, leaves and wood would be pulled in and disappear in the blink of an eye. Under the roaring surface, Zuo Mo, half-naked, had a serious expression on his face. In front o

Chapter Fifty Three Great Strength Pill Dong Fu. “Master Yan, if there is snow foxtail grass next time, don’t forget to notify me.” An old person dressed grandly kept on adding. Yan Le’s round face was full of smiles: “Of course, of course. Master Wang, don’t w

Chapter Fifty Four Fire “One grade lingdan, contains a small amount of essence of the sun, effects warm, suited for long term consumption, a certain possibility of forming Golden Crow Fire. Those who consume it can become excited in the short term and can be used for emergencies.” When

Chapter Fifty Five – Going To Get Rich? Li Ying Feng was slightly drowsy as she opened the store door. After Master had rushed back to Wu Kong Mountain a few days ago, he still hadn’t returned. These two days, because Master wasn’t here, she had kept the store closed. In any case,

Chapter Fifty Six Determination Great strength pill, no, golden crow pill, the change it caused to Zuo Mo’s circumstances was very evident, especially in resolving his financial situation. But no matter if it was Xu Yi Shixiong or Yan Le Shibo, they all seemed to think Zuo Mo didn’t hav

Chapter Fifty Seven Like Fire Five thousand nine hundred and twenty three! Zuo Mo’s mouth was wide as he panted heavily, his eyes bulging like a fish before death as he stared at the ice crystal sword floating in front of him. He was like a bamboo stalk swaying in the wind, his body tremblin

Chapter Fifty Eight Terror Nine thousand four hundred and eleven! After dazing around for three days, Zuo Mo started to furiously practice sword moves again. The picture in his sea of consciousness gave an unparalleled shock. He seemed to have understood something, but couldn’t grasp it. Thr

Chapter Forty Seven Shixiong Xu Yi Waking up, Zuo Mo almost couldn’t open his eyes in the bright sunlight. He gave a comfortable groan. The soreness made his entire body feel relaxed. He wanted to keep sleeping. After struggling for a moment, he still decided to get up. In zhuji, there reall

Chapter Forty Eight The Black Hearted Records Room “Our sect is a sword sect, our strongest sword scripture is the [Void Sword Scripture] that our founder created. But our sect had gradually declined. This sword scripture that had been ranked sixth grade could not be learned by anyone in the

Chapter Forty Nine Purchase Order Spending ten contribution points but not a spell to show for it, Zuo Mo felt like a fool. Enraged, Zuo Mo raised his head to look at the decrepit building before marching away without a second glance. Humph, when ye has contribution points, ye will lie down on the