Chapter 375: Dance of Comfort Consoling spirit




Strong and promising warriors lined up and pulled bows and arrows. The arrows pointed at the old witch dancing on the boulder across the river.


"Let's shoot arrows!"




"Protect Priest Da-Ren!" Da-He saw the arrow, roared, and jumped over with his shield forward.


Other Jiu Yuan warriors were anxious, but they could not leave the place without order. Hundreds of people could only yell together and hate the Huang Jing Tribe on the other side.


Quicker than Da-He was Yuan Zhan and She-Gu, whose bodies had been thrown into the air to catch arrows.


Yuan Zhan threw out countless earth arrows and flew arrows to attack the other side arrows


Da-He and She-Gu fell into the river. The Mer-warrior saw himself and immediately holds them float in the river.


Instead of returning to shore, Da-He and She-Gu stood on the river ready to meet the enemy.


Zhang waved at the back and sent a battle team. The battle team rushed to the front of the boulder. Like Da-He and She-Gu, they all went down the river and stood by the river.


Yuan Zhan watched the arrows and spears coming from the other side and snorted, leaving She-Gu and Da-He to protect Yan Mo. He patted a Winged Yingzhao who came to support him, jumped on his back and whispered: "Crossing the river!"


The Winged Yingzhao fluttered into the air and quickly rushed across the bank.


The Huang Jing Tribe on the other side had seen a few Winged Yingzhao before, but they carried the most people in the air to observe this side, never dared to fly across the other side, so although they envied that the Jiu Yuan had such a flying and fighting semi-intelligent creature to be war beasts, but they weren’t afraid.


Nowadays, when he saw him come alone, he dare to fly over on the Winged Yingzhao. The leader of Huang Jing gives a sneer of disdain and makes every effort to "kill the fellow who flies over!"


After seeing the man on the Winged Yingzhao, the man with good vision and who knows Yuan Zhan, his face changed and hurried to tell the leader, "Get away Da-Ren, the man who flies over is the Jiu Yuan Chief!"


"Oh? Is he the man who is likely to reach 7th rank? Go to the Louque City messenger!” The Huang Nian doesn't take him for granted. He even thinks that the Chief of the Jiu Yuan is too reckless, that he dare to fly alone.


"What a fool! Now that you're here, don't think about going back alive!" The Huang Nian suddenly raised his voice and shouted, “Warriors listen to orders! The Jiu Yuan Chief is the man who flies over. Who can kill him? I give him a chief worth reward of his five horned cattle and twenty slaves! If it's a slave, you will be out of slavery!"


The Huang Jing Tribe's warriors roared with excitement as soon as they heard the reward. They hit their weapons hard and shouted, "Kill him!"


The Huang Nian called a man and told him, "That savage man is a soil-control warrior. He is the weakest in the air now. Don't let him fall to the ground and kill him in the air!"


Those who suffered: "Yes!"


Huang Nian immediately ordered a two-hundred-man team to rush out from the edge of the woods. These two hundred men are 4th rank warriors, already the most elite battle team of the Huang Jing Tribe, and the leader is the one who has just been told, and also a 5th rank blood warrior.


Don't underestimate this 5th rank blood warrior. Although his rank is not high, he has special abilities. He is a blood warrior who really inherits the blood of the Huang Jing Tribe. When his ability is powered up, his body deforms, webbing grows between his fingers, skin film grows between his arms and body, mouth protrudes, and the whole person becomes like a large bat.


Warrior flew up, and he could not fly for a long time, but he was not flying, but a silent attack from his mouth.


Yuan Zhan, who was riding on the Winged Yingzhao, saw the flying batman, when the bat man opened his mouth, and yuan Zhan was thinking about how the other party would attack. He felt a strong impact. The invisible and unexpected attack almost knocked him down from the air.


But how could Yuan Zhan be shot down? The strength of the opponent's attack did not break through his body defense. He just shook and sat back on his feet.


The bat man opened his mouth and the invisible attack came again. Yuan Zhan was ready for this time. When he saw the bat man open his mouth, he raised his right hand, a long rattan like a whip came out of his hand, and it smacked the bat man out of the air.


The bat man did not expect Warrior to control the soil. He did not control the soil and played the rattan whip that was very similar to the power of the Moer-Gan blood ability.


The batman's failure calmed down the Huang Jing warriors who rushed out, but there were still people who threw spears at Yuan Zhan without fear of death.


The Winged Yingzhao was very fast. Yuan Zhan was angry that the Huang Jing Tribe's men had attacked Yan Mo and shot down arrows and spears at him. Before the Winged Yingzhao landed, he fell in the air.


The line of archers who stood beside the riverbank and shot arrows were the first to be unlucky. They had no chance to escape and were buried in the whole land suddenly raised.


When Yuan Zhan stepped on the ground, the Huang Jing warriors near the riverbank disappeared in a few blinks! The bat had no time to fly, but he struggled hard. The evidence was a hand and half a skin membrane was left on the earth.


The Huang Nian, who commanded and watched the battle at the edge of the woods, twisted his expression to the extreme at that moment. Is this the strength of 7th rank's soil-control warriors?


Fortunately, he did not react slowly. As soon as he saw that his side was defeated, he immediately ordered behind him, "Back! Back to the woods together! Everybody scattered! Don't concentrate!"


Warriors of the Huang Jing Tribe are retreating like a wave into the woods. Nobody dares to face Yuan Zhan head-on. Now everyone is praying for the Louque City envoy in the rear to come quickly.


The Huang Nian arranged for his side to withdraw, while telling all the blood warriors brought out this time, so that they could use the woods to attack Yuan Zhan.


For the time being, let's not say how the battle is going on with the Huang Jing Tribe with the other side of Yuan Zhan, let alone the other side of the river.


Once Yan Mo is in the state, it is difficult to notice the outside world. At this time, his whole mind is used to communicate with the world.


It's hard for him to describe how he feels now in words.


He doesn't need to learn how to dance comfort dance in particular, because he seems to know how to dance instinctively.


In an inappropriate analogy, The Curse-Witch Zhou Wu taught him the basics and essentials of the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, just as someone told him the essentials of stir-frying.


Then the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice he danced the last time was as if someone had led him to cook a big dish and cooked it many times to make him not forget it. Since he has cooked this dish, he has had a sense of all kinds of things of how to cook other dishes. Even if he hadn't studied it, he probably knew what to do, but because he was unskilled, it might not be very delicious at first, but he was not afraid of misplacing the sauce or mistake the procedure because they would tell him anything.


The Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice, whatever it is, starts with a warm-up preparation, which he tells the gods that he is going to jump the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice and he has a request for the god, and then through this call, there will be singular or plural gods called by that god, and then he will say his request, and then the called gods or god will tell him how to dance his body to communicate the energy of heaven and earth in order to achieve his goal.


He thought that perhaps the first generation of Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice dancers had the same ability to communicate directly with God and learn how to communicate with God, so that the Dance of Ancestral Sacrifice came down for later generations.


With Wu Guo's reminder last time, although he didn't need to ask the heaven, he still cautiously summoned only one god, because he was near the river, he tried to summon the Water God. Whether the Water God came or not, he did not know, but he could feel that with his prayers and summons, the humidity around him grew heavier and heavier, and the invisible water mist surrounded him.


"River God, with the blood of these warriors as a sacrifice, please listen to my prayers and tell me how to comfort these dead souls." Yan Mo murmured.


Something touched him. He felt like he was wrapped up in water vapor across the clothes. But it was not cold or uncomfortable. On the contrary, he felt comfortable.


It seems that something is not enough to tell him in a vague way.


What is not enough? Is there not enough sacrifice to exchange?


It seems that the Curse-Witch Zhou Wu is right. No matter what the sacrifice is, the priest's own sacrifice is the most important. Even if there are other sacrifices, the Priest himself must pay a certain price.


"River God, I offer my blood as a sacrifice to comfort these dead souls. May they rest in peace."


Yan Mo touched a knife from his waist and took the initiative to draw a knife in his palm, allowing blood to flow down his wrist, but it still hasn't dripped down, as if it had been absorbed by the invisible water mist around it.


His clotting speed was very fast, and his palms began to heal after dropping no more than 7 or 8 drops of blood. And the god in this call did not seem particularly greedy and did not ask for more, perhaps because of other sacrifices?


Voice, or an energy, directly conveys in his mind what he can understand: "Come, listen to their demands, satisfy their last wishes, and let their souls return to heaven and earth..."


Yan Mo felt that his soul was being pulled up and stretched and he rose slowly. Then he saw in the air a large number of dead souls on the ground but still wandering in place.


Some of these souls are incomplete, some are complete, and their faces are different. Some souls are still fighting, others are standing blankly.


The dead souls found him, and they looked up at him together. There was a murmur in the mouth, "God, I see God."


Yan Mo thought he was just a soul floating up in the sky, and he didn't know that his body was floating up in the air.


The Jiu Yuan looked up at him, both those alive and dead. The living people saw a thin, silver-haired old man, while the dead soul saw a half-naked teenager.


The teenager closed his eyes, his face was full of unknown compassion and pity, his body swayed slowly, and his arms slightly crossed the air.




The pleasant clear bell rang again.


Unutterable music comes to all souls’ ears.


The souls which were still fighting seem to hear someone calling them, and everyone seems to hear the voice of the closest person.


All the souls still fighting stopped, searched everywhere together, and finally looked into the air together.


The fierce wind by the river began to soften gradually, and the dead warriors saw a beautiful soft halo centered on the teenagers in the sky, spreading slowly around them.


This piece of sky became so charming in the eyes of the dead soul that the beautiful and colorful soft halo intertwined into a landscape in the air.


The teenager in the air opened his eyes and sends out a gentle call in his mouth: "The lingering souls, Mother God is waiting for you to say your last wishes and thoughts, so that your soul can return to the beginning. The power of rest will pass your last thoughts to the other side that you want to convey most."


The teenager repeated this three times, clasping his hands in front of his chest, slowly closing his eyes. When his eyes closed completely, his body suddenly turned into countless bright lights and flew to all the dead souls by the river.


On this day, many people in the Jiu Yuan, The Moer-Gan and The Huang Jing Tribe had a strange dream.


The young woman was holding her baby in her sleep. Maybe the wind was too gentle, and her eyes did close for a moment. When she closed her eyes, she saw the husband who was sent to attack other tribes.


The young man came up to her and knelt down and kissed her on the forehead with his prickly beard. "Don't trust your family. They will only sell you and the children to another person, to find my brother Ke, who likes you and will take care of you and our children. I'll let him come you..."


The young woman nodded her head and woke up. She remembered her short dream. Suddenly, her heart beat violently and quickly.


In another stone house, one of the war beasts, who was unable to follow his master because of injury, suddenly opened his eyes and stretched up his limbs. There was a very sad cry in his mouth.


Its owner can't come back. He just said his last goodbye to it.


The war beast wailed bitterly and lay on the ground, deciding to never eating or drinking. When it was discovered, its body was stiff.


Some people dreamed of a friend's cussing at him in his dream. Some people dreamed that their relatives said they wanted for them to revenge for him. Some people felt that someone was looking at them.


On battlefield beside Da-He, the souls of the dead who have fulfilled their wishes have been transformed into spiritual light scattering one by one, so that the energy can return to the original and return to the embrace of heaven and earth.


The witch floating in the air seemed to see countless scenes of farewell in an instant. Unutterable sorrow filled his whole body and tears overflowed from his eyes.


Suddenly he wanted to promise that there would never be war again, but in his heart he knew it was impossible.


Even if the Jiu Yuan did not provoke war, other forces would come to attack the Jiu Yuan for various reasons.


And the Jiu Yuan wants to avoid being invaded, to avoid this kind of sadness, it only need to become stronger, and to be strong, how can you not pay the price for it?


Suddenly, Yan Mo's heart was firm.


He can't be merciful like that Mary Magdalene Virgin Mother's heart, but at least he should be able to protect his people who are loyal to him. If he doesn't want to make others grieve, then he has to make others who want to make him grieve... grieve themselves.


In the future, he will not provoke war on his own initiative, but if someone else starts war on him people, he will not forgive the other party!


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