I saw the blood running from my stomach.


A vampire, likely a High Lord, chuckled.

His blade was covered in a black liquid. Probably poison.

I had no time. I had to kill the enemy before the poison made it impossible for me to move.


“The enemy is using poison! Be careful!”

I called out to the others.



The water dragons replied.


The vampire saw this as his chance.



The High Lord shouted as he attacked.

At the same time, the large evil dragon attacked as well.


“A good combination. But it won’t work.”

I said as I cast gravity magic on both of them.





Their charge was interrupted as they tumbled to the ground.

They fell and were pressed into the dirt.

And then I sent ten magic spears into each of them. The evil dragon was hit by every single one.

But the High Lord jumped out of the way. He had dispelled my gravity magic.

He was clearly no ordinary High Lord.

I would bet he was the same rank as whatever it was that Eric and Goran were fighting.


The High Lord attacked me with his poison sword.

I kept my distance as much as possible.


“Grulf, the sword is poisoned. Be careful!”



Grulf seemed like he understood. He backed away and kept his posture low.

He darted quickly from left to right and searched for an opening.


“You are just humans! The inferior race!”


The High Lord screamed. Then he charged towards me at a speed that most people would not have been able to catch.

He was in front of me in a flash. And our swords clashed.

I only barely blocked the attack. But before he could follow up, I grabbed his neck with my left hand.


“Wh-why are you still moving? You should have been poisoned.”

“Yes, my movements have slowed down a lot. As the inferior race, we lose energy when poisoned. So if you don’t mind, I’ll take some of yours.”

And then I activated Drain Touch.



The High Lord screamed. In a second, he turned into a shriveled old man.

Now he tried to escape. The sword dropped from his hand as he started to turn into mist.

That’s when Grulf jumped in. His fangs sunk into the High Lord’s ribs.




He wailed as I had never heard anyone wail before. He could no longer transform.

The parts that had turned into mist were then absorbed by my Drain Touch.

And then I used the Devil King Sword to cut off his head.

Cutting with the sword also absorbed his lifeforce. It was very useful at such times.

Mister Ruck. Please don’t move. I must use healing magic…”

A water dragon rushed to me frantically.


“Thank you. But I am fine now.”

“But your face says otherwise…”

“I’m used to it.”


I said with a laugh.

I had been poisoned many times during my 10 years of battle against the Devils.

There were several ways to deal with it. Using healing magic would take too long.

I didn’t need healing magic when I had Drain Touch.


Apparently, the poison in my body was quite strong. Yes, my consciousness felt quite unstable.

However, there were still enemies to fight. I could not rest.

I set my sights on the next largest evil dragon.


I charged at the evil dragon while flinging thunder magic at the nearby machines.



The evil dragon roared as it was hit. It thrashed at me with its claws.

I cut the evil dragon’s arms off with the Devil King Sword and touched its body while activating Drain Touch.

By doing this, my health healed a lot.


Thanks to Kathe and the other water dragons, it did not take much time after that to finish destroying the machines and evil dragons.


“Mister Ruck. Please stop now! We must use magic to get rid of the poison!”

“Thank you.”

“Still, how were you able to fight like that… You have more strength than a dragon.”


Some of the water dragons had been poisoned as well.

And they had not been able to move.

If it was not treated quickly, you could die. That’s how strong the poison was.


Leea rushed towards me.

“Ruck, are you alright? Were you poisoned?”

She was in her dragon form as she looked down on me with worry. Her gigantic snout pressed into my face.


“I’m fine. I just look a little pale, that’s all.”

I patted her under her chin.



Grulf looked worried as he sniffed me. I petted Grulf as well.


“You’re worried about me too? Thank you.”

It didn’t take long before I felt much better.


“Thank you. I think I’m good now.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Water dragon magic must be very powerful.”


The water dragon looked happy.

Their healing magic really was powerful. It worked well against the poison.

Eric’s wife, Refi, was an expert with healing magic. She would probably be very happy if she could visit.

That’s what I thought.

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