Magic Gems Gourmet - Chapter 8

“I see. So, did lady Olivia said she wanted to see the Archduke’s garden? ”


“With that chain of events, it’s obvious that I will allow them. After severely punishing the person responsible, I’ll have to deliver a proper apology…… Well then, I’ll have to properly show them around.”



Alfredo, the head Steward of the Archduke would be the perfect guide, since he could perfectly fulfill that role and above all else, it wouldn’t be rude considering his standing.

And so, the Archduke decided on putting Alfredo as their guide.



“No, it wasn’t her…… it was the eldest son of the Roundhart family…… Ain-sama was the one who asked.”


“Ho? ”



The Archduke became a little interested, he wanted to ask the eldest son what he thought about the second son stealing his place.



“Ain-sama said this:


『This wonderful garden of the Archduke has piqued my interest. I was wondering if I might be allowed see it instead of joining the party… would that be alright? 』




“Hahaha! I see.”


“That eldest son doesn’t lose in terms of being a noble…… not, even as a human being.”


“I bet, Alfredo.”



Was it irresponsibility? Or even if that wasn’t the case, to stand up the host of the party, the Archduke while making such a request.

Speaking of position, the Archduke liked to speak in a way that did not make the other party uncomfortable.



“But, should I repeat what he said next……? Was it because he excelled in human subtleties? Or maybe he’s just a natural born lady-killer?”




“He went on to say:


『There are so many flowers as beautiful as you, Mother, I’m sorry for wanting to see them instead of attending the important party. I’d be happy if you’re not disappointed for having such child.』


When I heard this, I couldn’t hide my surprise at the extent of Ain-sama’s competence.”



“Kuhaha…… A lady-killer, huh? Nicely said.”


“Archduke? I think I should be the one guiding such a gentleman.”


“You’re right, Alfredo.”


“A-Alfredo-sama will be their guide? ! ”


“That’s just the courtesy, well then, Alfredo, show them the garden.”


“Grandfather? ”



For the Archduke, that was a voice he could recognize no matter where he was.

With her beautiful light-blue long hair fluttering, the Archduke’s granddaughter, Krone approached.



She was giving greetings in place of the host of the party, the Archduke.



“I couldn’t help but to overhear that interesting story.”


“So, you heard, Krone?”


“Yeah. Alfredo? ”


“Yes, what can I do for you, young lady?”



Krone asked, without indication that she was considering anything she was doing as wrong.



“I’ll guide him and Olivia-sama. That’s fine, right? ”


“Y-Young lady……”


“Krone, so you want to be their guide? ”



The Archduke couldn’t hide his surprise at the situation that he didn’t expect.

After all, this was that granddaughter that wasn’t remotely interested in others. However, the Archduke then recalled that Krone had a yearn for Olivia.



“You want to speak with Olivia-dono that much?”


“Yes. There is no problem with that, right? ”



Krone firmly persisted.

And here, once again, the Archduke’s weakness, his doting of his granddaughter became apparent, therefore her efforts were not in vain.



“Hey, you there? ”


“Y-Yes! ”



Krone asked the knight who served as a receptionist, the one who came to report about Ain.



“I’m sorry to keep you waiting this long. Hurry up and tell Olivia-sama that permission has been granted.

They’ll be allowed to enter the garden, but with a guide. Come on, go.”



Alfredo and the Archduke looked at the pale-looking knight.

Since the Archduke had a subtle change of already having given up, without really changing his expression, Alfredo didn’t say anything else.



“E-Excuse me then, I’ll convey the message! ”


“Hurry up.”


“This is not something one from the host house should do.”


“From the start I didn’t like this, every single time I go to a party it’s just “how beautiful” or “What a gorgeous hair”…… I feel like they only think of me as a harlot or something. I can’t help but to feel sick.”


“Well, I understand your feelings Krone, but still…”


“……Our home was the reason for the rudeness towards Olivia-sama, so it’s only natural that we take responsibility and correct it. However, in spite of this, a servant was the one who was going to be showing them the garden. Isn’t that an action that would bring us more shame? ”


“Hahahaha, Archduke…… Krone-sama seems to be getting stronger by the day.”



The Archduke turned towards Alfredo, making a bitter face at his words, while thinking that he has no choice but to hold his head since that was a fact that couldn’t really be denied.



“Don’t say that, Alfredo, I know…… Just don’t get hurt, Krone.”


“Yes, obviously, thank you grandfather. I love you.”



Upon hearing those words, the face of the Archduke relaxed.

In his heart, he couldn’t care less about what was going on…… or at least he thought that.



“……Archduke? ”


“What is it, Alfredo……?”


“No, Master? ”


“S-Sorry! But please understand.”


“I know what master thinks, but I think it should be fine. This isn’t something that unfair that would steal away your fun in your old age.”


“Geez. I’m just happy to be surrounded by talented people.”



He felt happy to see the figure of Krone skipping while going to see Olivia-dono and her son to apologize to them.

Therefore, the Archduke was convinced.

He worried about her granddaughter, but he didn’t want to stop her.







In the evening, after the party was over, his granddaughter showed him the Star Crystal, making the whole family feel surprised.

And when he saw Krone, with the face of a woman in love, muttering 『Ain…』, the Archduke became filled with an indescribable emotion.



However, the story doesn’t end there…… While sitting next to Krone, who had a loose face, an emergency message arrives.



“I’m sorry for my impoliteness, but it’s an emergency! The first wife of the Roundhart house, Olivia-sama…… it seems she has requested for separation from Logas-sama! And apparently, she has returned to her parent’s house without waiting for an answer! ”



Alfredo thought at the time that the circumstances surrounding the Roundhart family will become stormy…… and the Archduke knew that as well.

But the bigger shock will probably happen at their Archduke’s house.



Because they had the beautiful lady Krone, assertive and intelligent, who had fallen in love for the first time…… So, she probably would do something.

That alone worried him the most.



“……Grandfather? But isn’t Ain from this country……? Where would Ain and Olivia-sama go?! ! ”



He was convinced that pretty soon, things would get bigger.

And with lady Krone too, after all, the country of Olivia’s parents is……


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