Martial God Asura - Chapter 3467

Chu Feng, Linghu Yueyue, Linghu Tiemian, Tantai Xing’er, Linghu Mingye, Linghu Lun, Mengyan Wushuang, Tongtian Yuanming, Tang Zhenghao and Wuma Shengjie.

They were the people standing on the Apex Pillars in succession.

However, the crystal pillars that were being used for the gambling session were ranked differently.

From the greatest amount of Immortal Martial Stones to the lowest, they were ranked Linghu Yueyue, Linghu Tiemian, Tantai Xing’er, Linghu Mingye, Linghu Lun, Wuma Shengjie, Mengyan Wushuang, Tongtian Yuanming, Tang Zhenghao, the others, and Chu Feng.

Although Chu Feng was on the first ranked Apex Pillar, he was ranked last in terms of the crystal pillars. Even the crystal pillar that represented other people ranked higher than Chu Feng.

Because of this, Chu Feng once again began to focus on the crowd’s discussions.

“Look, didn’t I say that he was trash?”

“That’s right. I personally witnessed him being beaten viciously by the Xu Heavenly Clansmen. A mere rank one True Immortal, what makes him qualified to replace Linghu Hongfei?”

Due to the fact that there were a lot of people that had witnessed Chu Feng being beaten up by the Xu Heavenly Clansmen, news of the matter soon spread throughout the crowd.

At that moment, many people learned that Chu Feng was Chu Xuanyuan’s son. However, they also learned that although Chu Feng had not died and was able to cultivate, his aptitude in martial cultivation was extremely limited, and he had simply failed to inherit Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan’s abnormal demon-level talent.

It turned out that Chu Feng was still trash.

“It would appear that Chu Feng’s talent is truly lacking.”

More and more people began to discuss Chu Feng. In the blink of an eye, discussions regarding Chu Feng covered the entire crowd. The people beside the Gong Heavenly Clan also began to think what the Gong Heavenly Clan’s Clan Chief said to that Gong Heavenly Clan’s younger generation to be true. Chu Feng was likely really only a rank one True Immortal.

In such a situation, the Gong Heavenly Clan’s younger generations began to eye Gong Mingyue. They seemed to be saying with their gazes, ‘Mingyue, that guy is nothing more than trash. Although we don’t understand why Tantai Xing’er thinks so highly of him, nor why the Starfield Master Realm would select him, it remains that he’s trash. This selection of the Ancestral Martial Decastars will bear out his true character. He will still not be able to match up to you.’

However, compared to her clansmen, Gong Mingyue had a very complicated expression.

Even though she also did not know exactly how powerful Chu Feng was, she still felt that Tantai Xing’er and the Starfield Master Realm would not think so highly of him without a good cause.

“What the hell? Someone’s actually betting on Chu Feng?”

“That guy must have gone mad. How could trash like that be worth betting on?”

Suddenly, the crowd burst into another uproar. The reason for that was because someone had actually placed Immortal Martial Stones on Chu Feng’s previously empty crystal pillar. Furthermore, the amount of Immortal Martial Stones was quite a lot too, numbering a total of a million.

“So it’s that guy. Why did that old guy place so many Immortal Martial Stones on Chu Feng?” Soon, someone noticed the person who had bet on Chu Feng.

Although the person who had bet on Chu Feng was not a grand character whose fame was spread throughout the Ancestral Martial Starfield, he was someone with some status. He was someone who had witnessed Chu Feng’s capability in the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Ancient Era’s remnant.

Furthermore, after that man, more people began to bet on Chu Feng in succession.

Although the number of people betting on Chu Feng was not a lot, their bets were all very large.

None of their bets were actually less than a million Immortal Martial Stones.

In fact, the person who had bet the most amongst them made a bet of ten million Immortal Martial Stones. That was truly a huge bet.

As for those people, they were all people that had witnessed Chu Feng’s capabilities in the Wuma Heavenly Clan’s Ancient Era’s remnant.

Whilst others did not know how strong Chu Feng was, they did.

Furthermore, they had also spread the news to others that Chu Feng was actually very powerful.

Unfortunately, it seemed that those people were unwilling to trust them, unwilling to listen to them, and unwilling to believe that Chu Feng was that powerful.

As such, there were a lot more people that believed Chu Feng to only be a rank one True Immortal, while practically no one believed him to be a demon-level genius.

“Is there something wrong with those people? How could they bet so much on that Chu Feng?”

“Fools, I tell you. They’re definitely fools. They think that since Chu Hanxian and Chu Xuanyuan were so exceptionally powerful, Chu Feng will definitely be powerful too.”

“Humph, we have personally witnessed Chu Feng’s cultivation of a mere rank one True Immortal. We have already informed everyone about this. They cannot blame anyone for refusing to believe us.”

“They refuse to listen to others' good willed advice and will only bring about suffering upon themselves. They will definitely regret it.”

Faced with those people placing crazy bets on Chu Feng, the people that were not fond of Chu Feng, especially the Gong Heavenly Clansmen, felt extremely displeased. They even began to insist that the people that had bet on Chu Feng would suffer miserable losses.


Right at that moment, a dazzling light emerged from the myriad of lights.

Although they were also Immortal Martial Stones, the sum of Immortal Martial Stones was much more eye-catching than others. The reason for that was because the quantity was simply too huge.

As the crowd were all martial cultivators, they were able to tell from a single glance that there were fifty million Immortal Martial Stones contained in that ray of light.

That amount had surpassed all the bets that had been placed so far. This was the highest bet of all.

As for that highest bet, it was not placed on Linghu Yueyue, Linghu Tiemian or Tantai Xing’er. Instead, it was placed on Chu Feng.

“Am I seeing things? Is that really fifty million Immortal Martial Stones? Someone actually bet so much on Chu Feng?”

“Who made such a bet? Exactly who is so rich and outrageous? Have they gone mad?”

At that moment, many people turned their eyes to the person who had made the bet.

Upon seeing the person that made the bet, they were all stunned.

The reason for that was because the person who made the bet was a young woman. Not only did she appear very young, but she was also very beautiful. She was most definitely a huge beauty capable of causing the downfall of a city or state.

She wore a red dress, and gave off an extremely outstanding and extraordinarily refined air.

In fact, before that woman even made her bet, there were a lot of people that took notice of her. At that time, people noticed her purely because of her appearance.

That woman was simply too beautiful.

Among the crowd, likely only beauties of Linghu Yueyue and Tantai Xing’er’s caliber would be able to compare to that woman.

“Who is that? Not only is she so beautiful, but the airs that she emits are also so outstanding. Furthermore, she’s so liberal with her wealth, she is most definitely not an ordinary person.”

When the crowd saw others betting on Chu Feng, they all belittled them for being foolish.

However, when they saw that woman, they all began to praise her.

As for the reason for that, it was purely because the woman was too outstanding.

“So it’s actually the Li Heavenly Clan’s Li Ruochu. Never would I have imagined that that girl would come too.”

Although very few people among the younger generation recognized her, many among those from the older generation recognized Li Ruochu at first glance.

“Ah? Li Ruochu? Isn’t she the person who used to be the strongest amongst the Ancestral Martial Decastars, that strongest genius in the history of the Li Heavenly Clan?”

“Wasn’t it rumored that she had disappeared for many years, and already died? So she’s actually not dead?”

“I’ve only heard of how powerful she is. Never did I expect her to be so beautiful. How could she still be considered a human, she’s simply a celestial fairy!”

Upon hearing Li Ruochu’s name, the people of the younger generation began to have a whole new level of respect in the way they looked at her.

Not to mention the others, even the proud Gong Mingyue, Linghu Yueyue and Tantai Xing’er, who stood on the Apex Pillars, started to look at Li Ruochu differently.

The reason for that was because the name Li Ruochu was greatly renowned throughout the Ancestral Martial Starfield in the past.

Many years ago, Li Ruochu was the strongest genius of the Ancestral Martial Starfield. She was an existence akin to Linghu Hongfei.

In the past, rumor had it that she had already died. It was only now that the crowd realized that Li Ruochu was still alive.

While Li Ruochu being alive might be a good thing for others, it was not a good thing for Linghu Yueyue and Tantai Xing’er.

Although Li Ruochu was older than them and not someone of the same generation as them, in terms of martial cultivators, Li Ruochu was still very young, and not much older than them.

As the former strongest of the Ancestral Martial Decastars, others would naturally compare them to her.

Compared to Li Ruochu back then, they remained defeated the entire time.

It was obvious how much pressure Li Ruochu had put on juniors like them.

“I have heard that Li Ruochu is not only exceptionally talented, but she's also very bright and intelligent. Someone as intelligent as her wouldn’t possibly make reckless decisions. Since she has decided to bet on Chu Feng, could it be that… she knows something? Could it be that Chu Feng isn't as useless as he's rumored to be?”

Soon, another kind of voice began to sound amongst the crowd.

Because of Li Ruochu’s bet, the crowd began to ponder if they did not possess a sufficient understanding of Chu Feng.

They wondered if it was possible that he wasn't actually trash.

“That girl’s impact is quite strong.”

“This is putting quite a lot of pressure on this old man. If this old man’s impact is to be less than that girl, it would be somewhat humiliating.”

With a smile on his face, Wuming Xingyun slowly walked out of the Tantai Heavenly Clan’s warship.

There was a sphere of light floating above his palm.

That sphere was only the size of his palm, and was actually a spirit formation.

Contained inside the spirit formation were Immortal Martial Stones.

As for the amount of Immortal Martial Stones there were, they numbered a billion!!!

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