Meow Meow Meow - Chapter 184

Chapter 184 - Murderer


The sound of the workers started the next morning again. I used my pillow to covers my ears and tried for a long time but couldn't fall asleep. So I got up and went out for a lazy walk to exercise my body for a long time.

 Not far from the big campus, there is a small and straight road that goes along a river bank. There usually no cars on it every day, so students who want to lose weight always run on the sidewalk and there are also nearby residents who walk there.

The morning air following the rain last night was very fresh. I turned over to the curb on the side of the road and did some stretching exercises on the grass by the river and was practicing some punches and kicks when I spotted the vengeful white crow was still secretly watching me. I was afraid it would fly over and continue to peck me, so I quickly got back on the sidewalk intending to go home and buy breakfast.

There were some weird female students ahead of me who were off on a morning run who suddenly made a U-turn and back and their complexions seemed suspicious. So I turned the corner and raised my head and looked ahead, there was a huge burly man built like a wrestler standing in the middle of the road, he was wearing a set of ancient outfit that was worn out. His face was covered in a long beard and he looked very fierce and definitely did not look the good type.

I didn't dare to go forward, but I looked at the scene curiously. The giant man seemed to be foolishly standing there and did not move as if he didn't know where to go.

This is none of my business, I had better turn back like those frightened girls. I didn't expect a silver BMW to come speeding through. It was followed by a few other pretty good cars, it seemed they were racing on this deserted road.

When the BMW got to the corner, the speeding car with great technical skills and without reducing its speed executed a beautiful turn. I suddenly remembered that the giant man was still standing in the middle of the road, and realized that a traffic accident is about to happen and was about to tell him to move and opened my mouth and shouted, "Be car-"

The BMW stepped on the brake too late and did not succeed and directly hit the giant man. The expected deadly bloody scene did not occur, the giant man was just on one knee in front of the BMW looking puzzled, knit his brows and was simply looking at the car. 

The BMW had finally stopped and the window was lowered and a yellow-haired young guy's head was revealed and he protruded head and surveyed the scene, he saw the giant man in front of the car and swiftly retracted his head and through the window inside scolded, "You retard! What are you standing in the middle of the road for? If it wasn't for I, your father hitting the brakes in time! You *** would have gone to meet your maker!" 

The next few cars behind stopped and one of them poked out their head and asked, "Huang Mao, did you have an accident?"

Then a stylish girl sitting in the front passenger seat of a Mercedes said with a smile, "Be careful of an encounter that will cause you to lose money."

"Your mother! Poor, crazy bitch. Your father's bird will payout. Drive! Leave!" The young man named Huang Mao snorted and re-started the car.

**(bird here refers to penis)**

I saw that the troublemaker from the accident was getting ready to escape, I didn't know if the giant man was injured. So I took the BMW's license plate number with a sense of justice and prepared to produce it to the traffic police when they arrive.

However, I had not yet taken the plate number down, when the giant man seemed to be angry and stretched out his arm and gently put his hand on the front of the BMW. The hood of the car immediately got compressed and then he said in a low hoarse voice, "What a good iron monster. Not bad, if you had knocked against an ordinary person, I am afraid they would have already died."

The dispute began again. The area around began to become lively, people were not afraid were and were walking up to the areas in 3s and 2s and looking on from far away, and some who were braver got even closer. Huang Mao was just sitting in the car and yelling, "Quickly let go! Otherwise, don't blame me for running you over and killing you!'

"This level of monster, you're going to hit me to death? " The giant and looked at it disdainfully, and in a flash came to Huang Mao's driver's side in an instant, and just pulled the door, and just like a Hollywood movie, the car that looked quite solid, was unexpectedly swiftly ripped off like it was a leaf. The giant man threw the door behind him, and it flew like a flying saucer for more than a dozen meters and fell into the river and sank.

All these movements were done boldly and swiftly. Huang Mao was also frozen and had recovered yet, when he was pulled out of the driver's seat by the giant man.

His friends at the back were all shocked and did not dare to talk. Unexpectedly, it was only the stylish girl who was bold enough, she stammeringly shouted with none of the arrogance from before, "You...where did you come from? Do you know the person in your the young master of Secretary general Xu's family? Our parents are also rich and powerful people...If...If you hurt young master Xu...In the future, will definitely be in a lot of trouble, are you not going to quickly put him down? At most, we will compensate you with some money."

"Where did I come from?" The giant man didn't comply with her words, "It's been a long time...After years of staying in prison, I didn't expect the changes in the human world to be so huge. I am unable to make sense of anything."

"Pri...Prison?" Huang Mao's face got paler, "You...what crime did you commit to get locked up?"

"There was a time I used to kill people and my evil deeds are too deep." The giant man after a while sighed, then looked at the person in his hand and finally seemed somewhat bothered and thought for a moment and then threw him to the ground. "Consider yourself a lucky dog, that I have laid down my butcher's knife."

Even if he said so, on the floor Huang Mao's face looked to be in pain and was twitching, he struggled hard for a long time but couldn't get up, he could probably have ended up with a broken bone. His friend in the passenger seat on seeing this, finally showed some courage and came to help him into the car. He didn't dare to say a word and quickly drove away in the BMW, regardless of the missing door.

This is precisely the so-called poor person cannot fight the wealthy, however the wealthy must not fight fate...I suppose those kids must have been so frightened and had no courage, that this matter was never even reported in the news.

The onlookers clearly heard the words of the giant man and were all scared and quickly turned around to flee the horrific scene, away from the murderer who has just been released from prison. Although with my practiced martial skills, I have more courage than most girls, I still did not dare to deal with a murderer, so I walked away with the crowd.

I didn't expect the giant man looked up and saw my figure and became excited and rushed up to me with incredible speed and hugged me, then threw me in the air and stealthily caught me and then hugged me again, rubbing his bug bearded face against me and happily shouted, "Younger sister! I have missed you to death!"

I was scared that my soul flew away, but no matter how I struggled I couldn't get free of his strong arm. Many of the people who were fleeing were my seniors from the same department. They heard him shouting this and couldn't help but want to stop and watch, so they took a quick glance and then showed alarmed expressions and then quickly fled.

MiraiSaesang's Notes: Bull Devil!!! I am so glad he is back, I never cared much for him until his imprisonment, the whole events surrounding that were just so sad and moving...he better be good to Lou Sha this time, no more concubines or we'll toss him back in jail for further rehabilitation ...Also poor Xiao Miao, her life just gets weirder and weirder ...

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