Meow Meow Meow - Chapter 185

Chapter 185 - Mental Giant


"Let go!" I screamed my heart out and desperately kicked the giant man with my feet, but his strength was too great. Kicking him was like kicking an iron plate, it had no effect.

The giant man was a bit shocked seeing me react so badly. He slowly lowered me but still held me in an iron grasp, "Miao Miao? Have you forgotten me?"

"I...I have never seen you before!" I was cold sweating but couldn't help but shake my head.

The giant man looked very sad. he grabbed my shoulders and shook them, "I am your big brother! I am Bull devil!"

Not only is he murderer, but he is also a mental patient who thinks he is acting in "Journey to the West"? My mind was blank and I was incessantly trembling, I kept hoping that those students who had escaped were smart enough to help me call for someone to rescue me.

***(LOL Bull devil is a character in that, his full title is Niu Mo Wang, which translates to Bull demon/devil king)***

The giant man was even more upset, and he seemed at a loss and said, "You don't need to be afraid Miao Miao. I am really your big brother."

"Okay, you're my big brother." When dealing with a mental patient, one must absolutely not refute their words. It is best to go along with him and look for an opportunity to escape. I finally calmed down my mind and forced a smile and asked, "Older brother...what do you want to do"

"Miao Miao, I lost my way." The giant man who claimed to be the demon king said with a slightly reddened face. 

I was somewhat perplexed and asked, "Lost?"

The Bull devil quickly explained, "The world has changed too much in the past 500 years. When I was released from Heaven, they did not send me to Flame mountain, but just threw me down. I'm guessing this should be Louying mountain, I want to find my way home and give a surprise to Lou Sha. I didn't expect that the surrounding will be so unfamiliar, it has completely changed. There are barely any trees, and many stone houses and there are a lot more people and they are very cold to me because of my * appearance. For a long time now, I have been trying to ask where Flame mountain is, but no one is willing to answer me."

He was saying it like it was true. If my IQ was lower, then I will definitely have believed him. But seeing him so anxious, my heart calmed down and I even had some compassion for him and comforted him, "Don't worry. Why don't I take you to the police, they will be able to help you find your home."

"What is the police?" The Bull devil was even more troubled.

I, all at once felt defeated. I really don't know how to explain what the police are. After hesitating for a long time, I said, "Perhaps...they maintain public order and help people solve difficult situations..."

"I don't understand." The Bull devil still stubbornly shook his head, "I am going to see Lou Sha. She has waited for me for a long time. Unfortunately, clear water and golden beast are not around. Otherwise, I would not be so troublesome. Younger sister, you help me to think of a way to go back."

"Lou Sha, should be the palm-leaf fan Princess, right? After that go and hang out with Sun Wukong." I said somewhat perplexed.

"Younger sister, did you remember those days of the past?" The Bull devil suddenly became happy.

I did not know what to say, I can't say I know where this Flame mountain is. Even if I know, I don't have money for him to get a taxi. After thinking about it, I still decided to take him to the policemen. Let the public servants deal with this problem.

When the Bull devil saw me leading him away, he did not ask anything and just followed. This unsuspecting look on his face, completely lacking vigilance, made me feel like a little wolf who is pretending to be a grandmother to abduct a lamb.

"Older brother, you're out?"

We had barely taken a few steps when we heard a clear crisp voice behind us. We turned back and saw a beautiful girl, who was unusually beautiful. She was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans, her long silky hair was bundled behind her back, and she cheerfully walked up to us, it was only when she got close to us that I noticed the adam's apple and realized it was boy.

"Yin Zi?" The Bull devil also happily walked forward.

I saw that a real family member had come to pick him up and was relieved. I also felt lucky that I didn't have to go to the police station.

The beautiful boy named Yin Zi came over and was pulled into an affectionate hug and he also patted the Bull devil on the shoulders, "You're really back and didn't look for me first. The location of Flame mountain has changed. I will take you to sister-in-law."

The Bull devil pointed at me and asked, "What about younger sister?"

"Well, let's go back first and discuss slowly." Yin Zi dragged him and walked past me and looked back and flashed a smile that was beautiful enough to cause the downfall of a city and said, "Sorry to disturb you, I will come back later to thank you." I was a bit entranced by it, I hurriedly nodded. I turned around and prepared to head home. As I turned around and saw the empty pole behind me, I happily said, "It's good that wretched abominable crow is finally gone."

My words had just fallen. When Yin Zi suddenly turned around and looked at me with a murderous look and said, "Dead cat! Just wait and see!"

Why is he so angry?

I never expected that in just three days, the rumor, Lin Xiao Miao is a murderer's sister had spread throughout the school. And the version of the story continued to upgrade and mutate. I don't know how the giant turned out to be a retired Vietnam war veteran from the special forces agent. After retiring he was bloodthirsty and so indiscriminately killed people and so ended up in prison, but was not given the death penalty because of mental illness. Now after he was released from prison, he was furious that his younger sister was almost hit by a car on the street and so he punched the car, and almost beat the driver to death. He also said that he will kill anybody who is not good to his sister. 

All the students in the school for scared of me. And the originally gangster-like students even nodded and bowed their heads to me and there were even some of them who wanted to pay respect to me as their boss. Some of them even wanted to use this undesirable relationship to find a way to get to know Bull devil. Even the teachers seeing me, were very polite and courteous, afraid that I will get angry and go complain to my brother.

 I have tried with great effort to explain this issue many times, but it did not have any effect. Fortunately, I still my childhood friend Xiao Yu and Xiao Mao who did not change their attitude towards me, otherwise, I will have no friends. With their efforts to calm down the rumors, this rumor finally faded slowly after three weeks and had almost disappeared. I did not expect that at this crucial moment, the Bull devil actually ran all the way to my school to find me. This time he was wearing a suit and tie, also had on black sunglasses, looking like a triad member. He also brought along a beautiful woman who was wearing a Chanel suit with the aura of a big sister, they scared our school guards and they almost called the police.

***(Triad is an organized crime syndicate/mafia)***

I couldn't escape under the watchful eyes of all my schoolmates. I could only walk to the school entrance and ask him, "Didn't you go home?"

"Yes." The Bull devil smiled brightly, "I came to see you."

I wanted to cry and said, "I really don't know you."

"It doesn't matter, I know you." Bull devil generously patted my shoulder and with an understanding expression and pulled me to towards the beauty next to him and said, "Even though younger sister has changed to a person, she is still as adorable."

Lou Sha gently patted his hand and softly smiled at me and said, "Don't be afraid, we won't hurt you. my husband just came out of prison and happened to meet younger sister on the road who kindly lent him a hand. We have to thank you very well, it is better for us to go for a meal together."

"No helping people, there is a pleasure derived from helping..." I don't even know what I am talking about.

"It's still one step at a time, take your time." Lou Sha nodded in understanding and then looked at my clothes and frowned."How can younger sister style of dressing is so shabby? Don't tell me your family's financial situation is not good?" Bull devil upon immediately hearing the words, reached in his pockets and pulled out a large wad of cash and as if his life depended on it, quickly put it into my hand, "Quickly take it, don't suffer by yourself."

Lou Sha quickly pulled him back, "You're holding Vietnamese currency, how come you're still carrying that around since we got back from traveling? This currency is of little value."

"Isn't it the larger the number, the better?" Bull devil was perplexed.

"I really don't want to..." Lou Sha refused to bother with him and just repeatedly pushed him out of the way. She just took my arm and walked off saying, "Sister-in-law will take you to go buy some good clothes. It's a pity that we've only recently just discovered your whereabouts, otherwise, we would have already been looking after you and not let you suffer any hardships."

"You both...don't! I haven't finished with school yet! Help!" I wanted to cry as these two seemingly underworld gangsters dragged me off in a Hummer jeep. 

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