Yu Heng quickly nodded his head, walked up to the door and stared at the lock. His lips twitched. If he were to use this lock to hit someone on the head, it would be an instant kill. This lock was even heavier than the royal dungeon’s. If he were to try to break it open by prising it, he would be an idiot. “Master, this lock is difficult to prise, but it seems that the second floor window is open. Let’s just enter by that instead.”

Seeing that Yue Wang’s aura was getting colder, Yu Heng quickly tried to save the situation, “Master, Miss Mu would be coming back soon. Is she were to see that the lock had been prised open, she might be on her guard and even report it to the officials. If that happens, we will be in trouble. If we are to enter by the window, none of that will happen.”

Yue Wang coldly glanced at him. He looked up to the second floor and nimbly jumped through the window.

Yu Heng smiled weakly as he wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. He grew up with Yue Wang and thus they were very good friends, but Yue Wang’s cold aura still scared the living lights out of him.

In Wangfeng restaurant, Mu Yunyao was still oblivious that the live devil she had attracted was in Niyun, setting up a web for her to walk into. As of now, she was admiring the seven girls who were dancing a ‘moon welcoming’ dance together and could not help but think of Su family’s daughter Su Yuyi.

Su Yuyi’s dancing skills was unrivalled in the Capital Xiling. Her waist was soft and flexible, a single ‘praying to the moon’ dance was able to put everyone under a spell, thus earning her the title ‘Moon praying fairy’. If Mu Yunyao were to pick out a girl from these seven before her and train them earnestly in order to beat Su Yuyi, who knows how angry she would be!

As she got lost in her thoughts, the dance came to an end. The surrounding Ladies were full of praise towards the seven girls, causing the girls to become red with happiness. Perhaps it was because the Provincial Governor’s wife had also complimented them, thus the girls had become full of themselves, and the prettiest of the seven suddenly spoke up, “We heard that Lady Jin’s dance is unrivalled here, and Lady also happens to be wearing a dress suitable for dancing. We wonder if Lady Jin could teach us a thing or two.”

The moment she spoke, all the Ladies around hushed. If not including Provincial Governor’s wife, Lady Jin was the one with the highest status as she was the wife of Jingling’s Cao Yan Yun Shi. Now, a simple official’s daughter actually dared to trouble her, she actually wanted a fourth grade official’s wife to dance in front of everyone, where on earth did she get that shamelessness of hers?

The girl’s family immediately walked up and bowed towards Lady Jin. “Lady, our daughter is still young and has no restraint on herself. Furthermore, before she danced, she even had two cups of wine. Please forgive her.”

Lady Jin had no laughter in her eyes. “No matter, it is not easy to have such a casual banquet, I shall not take this matter to heart. After all, why should I make myself unhappy? Two cups of alcohol is fine, but don’t let her become an alcoholic, not everyone will be able to forgive you that easily.”

“Yes, we will be very strict on her.”

The girl who had spoken had already paled. She had realised that what she had said was enough to get her into immense trouble. She did not dare raise her head and followed her family towards their seats. She was grateful that Lady Jin did not take the situation too seriously. However, she did not notice that her family were already looking at her coldly. From now on, this girl would always have the word ‘drunkard’ in her reputation.

Mu Yunyao lowered her eyelids, laughter flashing across her eyes. Colour Moon’s idea was great, but it was a pity that they chose the wrong people. Mu Yunyao initially thought that she had to deal with them herself, but who knew, these people could even get themselves into trouble. The Provincial Governor’s wife pulled Lady Jin to the side for a few words, smoothing the awkwardness in the atmosphere. When the time came, the Provincial Governor’s wife got a servant to get the nine holed needle. She got up with a smile, “Today is Qiqiao day, let us go to the corridor outside under the moonlight and do the needlework.” As she finished speaking, she took the needle and walked out of the door. Everyone else followed suit.

Mu Yunyao took a needle and thread and followed the rest.

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