Chapter 285 (Unedited)

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (29)


What Lei Ting didn’t think was that when he used his thunder ability, he discovered that the berserk thunder appeared to have been absorbed by an invisible black hole when it touched the layer of light. (雷霆想也不想的,就是一个雷系异能打过去,却发现狂暴无比的雷电触上那层光晕,就像是被一个看不见的黑洞吸收了一般,没有溅起半分涟漪)

When the people from base came over, they saw Lei Ting attacking frantically towards the golden halo, and inside that halo was a figure completely enshrouded in golden light. (等到基地的人赶过来的时候,就看到雷霆一个人在疯狂的朝着一个金色的光圈攻击着,而光圈里面,只有一个已经浑身笼罩在金光里面,已经完全看不到面容的身影)

There was only one person with this ability.

The long and tedious spell was finally done.

Gu Shengyin also awakened from that strange state. (顾盛因也从方才那种奇妙的境界里面清醒了过来)

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She opened her eyes, and the people who looked at her noticed that her eyes had turned pure gold.

If they were members of the Vatican from the previous world, they would know that this was a characteristic of the Light God.

“Lei Ting.” Gu Shengyin looked at her lover with a faint smile. Her expression was not sad nor happy, and under the sacred golden light, like an immortal God1. (顾盛因看着自己的恋人,似乎是微微的笑了起来,她此时的神情无悲无喜,在漫天金色圣光的衬托之下,仿若不食人间烟火的神祇)

But because of this, Lei Ting began to panic more and more.

Gu Shengyin’s next sentence caused his eyes to widen: “I asked you before and you also gave me your answer. You wished to see the light descend onto Earth once more, and I also desire that.”

In Lei Ting’s mind, he suddenly remembered the conversation that he had when Gu Shengyin had wrapped around him: “If you were given the chance to change the world back to how it was before but the price is your life, how would you choose?”

He slid listlessly onto the ground, as if he lost all of his strength. (他浑身像是失去了力气一般,委顿在了地上)

How had he answered her? He said he was willing and that she would understand him.

Then, was this considered retribution? He suddenly covered his face and deprecated smile. (他突然捂着脸,低低的笑了起来)

Gu Shengyin gave her final words to Lei Ting: “I hope to see you live well and to once again see the sunlight and fresh flowers in the world on my behalf.” (顾盛因最后对着雷霆说了一句话:“我希望看到你好好的活着,替我看看重新出现阳光和鲜花的世界)

She gazed at the gray sky. As if her gaze had a pair of invisible hands, the dark curtain covering the sky was torn apart.

A golden light broke through the obstructions and descended onto the ground.

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Everyone was stunned by this scene. No one had thought that someone was able to do this alone.

However, it was not over yet.

Rain suddenly fell from the sky, and every raindrop became a tiny golden light spot.

Wherever those light spots dropped, everything recovered. (光点所到之处,万物复苏)

Because there was no light and the land had become bare, green buds emerged at a speed not visible to the naked eye and flowers bloomed.

The river was clear again;

The air was fresh again;

Those wandering zombies cried out miserably as they were cleansed by the light spots and eventually turned into flying ashes unwillingly. (那些游荡的丧尸在光点的冲刷之下,发出了凄惨的哀嚎,最后在不甘愿之中,化作了飞灰)

Not knowing who started it, everyone around Gu Shengyin had begun kneeling one after another.

From the conversation between Lei Ting and her, it was not difficult to figure out to what price Gu Shengyin had to pay. (从雷霆和她的对话之中,他们不难推测出来,做到这样的程度,顾盛因将会付出什么样的代价)

Gu Shengyin felt the strength in her body being drained away. She knew that she would be leaving this world very soon.

There was still one more thing that hadn’t been done.

She turned to look at the coffin beside her.

She condensed the last of her powers to the palm of her hand, gently pressed it against the coffin, and a trace of sigh flowed out of her mouth. (她将最后的力量凝聚在手掌之上,轻轻的对着棺材按了下去,嘴角之中溢出了一丝叹息)

“Since you’ve passed away for so many years, don’t be reluctant to leave this world again.” (既然已经逝去多年,就不要再留恋人间了)

The entire coffin melted in the golden light until there was nothing left behind.

Lei Ting, who was sitting on the ground during this entire time, suddenly reacted. He roared at Gu Shengyin: “I regret it…I regret it!”

JMin’s Corner:

There is no medicine for regret. Smh

Lesson of the day: Be careful of what you wish for.

On another note, the villainess in this arc is not so bad.

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