Chapter 286

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (30)


However, no matter how much he cried and screamed, there was no use.

The golden light that had been shrouding that person’s body gradually faded, revealing a clear figure.

However, everyone could clearly see her entire body, beginning from her legs, gradually dissipating into golden speckles of light.

Having sacrificed her body and soul, she could not even leave behind a complete corpse.

The golden halo that had been preventing others from coming close had dissipated. At this time, Lei Ting ran like a madman towards Gu Shengyin.

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He reached out and carefully met Gu Shengyin’s pair of outstretched hands. 

However, before he could clasp her hands, it was like sparklers dissipating, leaving nothing but emptiness within his hands.

Those golden embers wistfully circled him, before reluctantly dissipating into nothingness.

Everyone was cheering, celebrating their fortune of reaching a new era.

Only Lei Ting, experienced a despair deeper than anything the apocalypse had caused.

“You asked me how I would choose, and I ended up personally making the choice for you.” He said quietly, not understanding where the drops of hot water landing upon the backs of his hands were coming from.

“But, I am already regretting……” He shut his eyes, no one hearing his words.

He knew inside his heart: This would be an unceasing nightmare that would never release him until death.

Zhong Lingyu was standing there dazedly. She had never thought that Li Shengyi, who had come to find her with such a peaceful and natural attitude, had actually decided to do something like this.

When she came, she had worn a slight smile, as if she was just finding an old friend to eat a meal.

You win. In this life, it is impossible for me to surpass you.

This rain of Light continued for a full three days.

There were no more zombies in the world. Human beings could once again go out without any worries, without worrying about some terrible monster lunging out in the next instant to threaten their lives.

Everyone faced the rest of their lives with a smile, and dedicated themselves to constructing a new world.

The children once again began tussling and playing on the grass, finally beginning to recover the innocence of their young age.

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However, no one knew where the once-strongest ability user, Lei Ting, went.

The people of Frost Base spent an entire month searching, but finally gave up when they couldn’t find a single trace.

They knew, if Lei Ting was determined, no one would be able to find him.

The Li Family had become the most respected family, but none of them were happy to receive this adulation. 

If such glory was obtained by sacrificing one’s own family, then they would definitely choose not to have it.

At the center of the Imperial City’s former base, a tall statue was erected.

The statue was of a woman, her eyes were lowered, face placid. Rather than a person, it seemed more like a statue of a deity.

It was Gu Shengyin’s image.

It was based upon the memories of the eye-witnesses who had experienced the ‘Day of Rebirth,’ and the sculpted Gu Shengyin was the embodiment of the great magic of Light.

In fact, many of the people who had seen that scene were convinced that Gu Shengyin was actually a messenger of the gods. When human beings were put through tragedy, they would use everything in their power to turn the tide.

The statue was high above, watching over the world that she had personally saved, watching over the human race until the end of the world.

Author’s Note:

The apocalypse world ends here, there is still an extra. Actually……it’s just a little bit of abuse, I am still a mother [serious face].

Ari’s Corner:

haha this arc is over, next post is gonna be an extra for this arc

also, in China, authors are considered the ‘parents’ of their characters, which is what this author means by ‘it’s just a little abuse’; she won’t abuse our babies too much cuz she’s still their mother

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