Chapter 287

Light Queen of the End of the World vs. The Space Ability Woman (Extra)


Lei Ting had walked through many places.

He clearly remembered Gu Shengyin’s words: “See the world where sunshine and flowers reappear for me.”

Every time he arrived at a new place, he would close his eyes and stand there alone for a while, pretending that that person was still here, viewing the scenery by his side.

It took him a full twenty years, to walk the whole land beneath his feet.

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Finally, he returned to where he started.

A man who was no longer young, quietly stood beneath the most prestigious statue of the Imperial City, gazing at that eternal face.

“I am already old now, but you are still so young and beautiful.” He looked at her with a light smile.

“I have already fulfilled your request. I have seen every corner of this world. There are flowers and sunshine everywhere.” He said quietly, as tears began to fall.

“When are you coming to see me? Baby.” He raised his head, and tried to find a shadow of the person within his memory from the statue.

“I am so tired.” He simply sat down, leaning back against the base of the statue, as he began to slowly talk.

“In the south, there is a place with a sea of flowers that is very beautiful. If you were to see it, I’m sure you would love it……”

“I’ve seen so many beautiful women, but not a single one could compare to you.”

“Recently, I have dreamed of you more and more, baby, do you miss me too…….”

Many tourists saw this strange middle-aged man, who was sitting there alone and talking to himself.

Some people thought that he was a madman, and for fear that he would do something bad, they reported it to the police.

This situation concerned the national treasure statue, so the police arrived very quickly.

No one recognized this former strongest ability user, and the police wanted to bring Lei Ting away.

Li Minglang happened to be passing by, and heard there was a disturbance here. He frowned and walked over.

With a glance, his pupils tightened.

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“General!” The policemen saw the stars on his shoulders, and hurriedly bowed.

“There’s nothing to worry about here, this man is my friend.” Li Minglang sent them away and walked to the man’s side.

“Lei Ting?” There was still a trace of disbelief within his voice. He had never thought that he would once again meet this man who had disappeared for twenty years.

Lei Ting slowly looked up and saw a familiar face.

His mind reacted sluggishly, and finally realized who the man before him was.

“It’s you, ah…….”

“It really is you. It’s been so many years, we all thought……” Li Minglang cut off his words.

“Thought I was dead?” Lei Ting carelessly finished his words.

Li Minglang was silent.

They both remained in this silence.

“I went to see many places. This world that baby exchanged her life for, is very good.” Lei Ting suddenly said softly.

“I’ve completed her last wish……”

Li Minglang suddenly noticed that something was wrong and reacted: “Lei Ting!”

However, that man had already closed his eyes.

He had fulfilled his promise to her, so he could go find her without any burdens or regrets.

Li Minglang looked at this man who was smiling softly, and his eyes reddened.

In the end, he used Li Family’s influence to bury the man’s ashes below his little sister’s statue.

To be with her, together watching the world, was probably that man’s wish too.

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