Rebirth of Chen An - Chapter 120

Mr. Ivanov, first of all, I’d like to ask your forgiveness for our recklessness. I didn’t mean to offend you, but not long ago you offended my boss. I was just ordered to finish my task. I hope you can understand.”

Speaking fluent Russian, the young man looked indifferent. When talking to Ivanov, he gave Chen An a slight look, but apparently, the young man didn’t put Chen An in his eyes and didn’t pay much attention to him after one look.

“Well, you are very polite, so who is your boss?” Ivanov tut. Well, looking for revenge, this old fox had a good guess.

“Prince Hae.” The young man didn’t hide and said directly.

Ivanov immediately laughed. Of course, he knew the Prince Hae. Wasn’t him the Middle East tycoon who did business with Ivanov and planned to buy weapons and technology from Ivanov?

Although he received a billion U.S. dollars from the Prince Hae, he gave the other party a fake chip because of Chen An and had not returned the money to him.

To be honest, Ivanov was actually going to escape the debt. But one billion U.S. dollars was not a small sum, it seemed that his actions had made the Prince Hae somewhat angry and ordered someone to look for him directly.

Chen An remained silent as if everything had nothing to do with him.

“I think you should know my boss. My boss doesn’t want to hurt Mr. Ivanov. He just wants to get the goods he deserves and the real chip,” paused, the young man added, “as well as the $2 billion compensation due to your breach.”

Wait, did he hear it right? What did the bloody Middle Eastern camel man want, two billion dollars in compensation and the chip?

“Do you think this is appropriate?” Ivanov really wanted to laugh out loudly. What was prince Hae’s head filled with, oil or dung, to blackmail him?

The young man still looked calm and said, “Mr. Ivanov’s life must worth more than 2 billion dollars.”

This was clearly a threat.

“Kill me and your boss will not get any good results, believe me,” Ivanov would not be so easily frightened. Even if the bear from the north was tied to the ground, he would not lose his imposing manner. “I was also the victim of the last transaction, okay?”

“But you can tell Hae that I can give him back the one billion dollars, and I’ll take what happened today as if it didn’t happen. We’re even, and we can do business in the future.”

“I’ll tell my boss.” The young man winked at outside. Soon two men came in to help Chen An and Ivanov untie.

“I can’t think of Hae have such outstanding staffs like you,” Ivanov, who was untied, asked, “What’s your name, friend?”

“Mr. Ivanov, you can call me Ouyang Bai Sha.” The young man still looked indifferent.

“Before the boss replies, please take a rest in the room for a while and don’t try to escape. My men are not so reasonable as I am.”

After that, Ouyang Bai Sha turned and left the house. Without taking two steps, his cell phone rang. He took out his cell phone to receive the phone call from a person called Lu Feng.

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