Rebirth of Chen An - Chapter 121

“I said it was your enemy who came for revenge.”

Wriggling his sore wrist just released from the tight rope, Chen An wandered around in the log cabin. The room was empty with only a bed placed in the middle. There was a small door on the right side of the bed head. After opening it, a plain toilet appeared. There was nothing useful for them.

“Dear, you just heard what the man named Ouyang Bai Sha was saying. He came for his boss Prince Hae. If that guy knew that you took the chip and sold it to others, do you think the Prince would let you go?”

Ivanov followed behind Chen An. Looking at the man bent down to check the bed head, he grinned, stretched out his hand and ran towards the other party, directly hugged the man’s waist from back and pushed the man down on the bed.

“What're you doing? Only animals would be in heat regardless of timing and occasion!” Chen An threw an elbow on Ivanov’s chest heavily and almost let Ivanov faint.

“Please be gentle, you are murdering your husband! Baby, am I a man worthy of your trust? If I had told Ouyang Bai Sha the truth and put all the blame on you, I could have left safely and you would have been miserable.”

Taking advantage of his physical strength, Ivanov pressed Chen An almost to death on the bed. He did not dare to be too presumptuous. He leaned close to the man and kissed his back neck, laughing in a low voice, “Are you tempted by me?”

“I don’t know which stupid bear who was supposed to perform night watch ended up being drugged last night and passed out like a pig.” It would be strange if Chen An believed Ivanov, the latter even did not think why they ended up being  here.

Ivanov smiled awkwardly, “You bad, my dear. Why do you like to poke people in the sore spot so much? Last night you were just so cute when you fell asleep. I stared at you and got lost in a daze!”

“Be normal.” Chen An’s back neck was tickled and could not bear it. A sly gleam flashed in his eyes and he sighed, “Are we going to die here?”

“Hey, don’t say such discouraging thing, you’re an old fox!”

“Ivan...” Chen An’s suddenly affectionate call made the bear feel limp and numb all over.

“Well, my dear, I’m here. You know? I’ll always be with you.” Ivanov followed Chen An’s words and began to confide deeply.

With his corner of the mouth slightly raised, he showed a smile, Chen An slowly turned around in the other party’s loose imprison of arms, his hands slowly climbed to Ivanov’s shoulders, and his lips slightly opened like he was about to kiss Ivanov.

This abstinence and sexually-charged expression let Ivanov’s heart immediately poured with boiling oil, he had no intention to be in heat all the time, but he just could not help it as long as he saw Chen An.

Since Chen An didn’t care at all the things happened during that stormy day, Ivanov continued his temptation. He just wanted to do something intimate with Chen An.

“Ouch, uh-”

With a bitter cry of pain, Ivanov clutched his cheek, rolling under the bed. His face was full of tears and the feeling of injustice. Chen An used the honey trap to him and then took the opportunity to threw him a punch. At the moment he was triumphant, condescendingly looked at his bad boy.“Old fox, you sly man.” Ivanov took a deep breath in pain. Chen An really did not take pity on him at all. “Oh, no, my face isn’t distorted, is it?”

“I am giving you plastic surgery.” Two legs crossed sitting on the bed, Chen An rubbed his own hurting hand, damn it, this bear not only had a thick skin, but even his bones were also very hard.

“It is natural that a young man like me, who is naturally beautiful, handsome, humorous and charming, will make you have butterflies in your stomach. I understand, but don’t worry, my dear, I am not a man who would forsake you after having dallied with you.”

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