Rebirth of Chen An - Chapter 122

Ivanov, who was punched, was much more well-behaved. Although he still talked nonsense, he did not do anything out of line.

“You are the one who should be worried.” Where did the bear’s confidence come from? Chen An added rudely.

“I’m very sad to hear you say that, baby.” With a yawn, Ivanov fell to the bed and closed his eyes with his hands resting behind his head.

Having not heard Chen An’s reply, the bear opened a crack in his eye and looked at the man nearby secretly, “Don’t you have a rest? Don’t worry, they won’t attack us for a while or dare not attack us.”

“Sleep on your own.”

Chen An sat down against the bed head, holding his chin with one hand and not knowing what he was thinking. Soon he heard Ivanov breathing steadily and continuously.

Was the bear really asleep?

“Ivanov?” Chen An shouted, and the bear mumbled without waking up.

Chen An’s eyes twitched slightly. The bear slept so well. He was really unreliable. This guy would not wake up for a while.

Chen An’s eyes fixed on the bathroom next to the bed. Although it was a bit crude, it seemed that there should be no problem to take a bath. He hadn’t taken a bath for two days. It was really a torture for the old fox who kept a clean habit.

He came to the bathroom softly and tried to turn on the tap. There was actually water flowing out. He checked the temperature of the water. The water flowing out was cool at first, but it soon gained some temperature after a while. It seemed that this wooden house should be inhabited at ordinary times.

Looking into the room, he saw Ivanov was still asleep. Chen An took off his clothes and turned into the bathroom to turn off the unlocked bathroom door.

When the hot water fell from the shower head, Chen An took a deep breath and felt that the pores of his whole body had been relieved and he felt unspeakably comfortable.

He looked up and let the hot water wet his hair, cheeks, and body. He calmed down and began to think about how to escape from the current predicament.

Chen An knew Prince Hae was a somewhat self-righteous Middle Eastern bumpkin who always thought that money could solve any problem. Though many problems could be solved with money, Ivanov was never a softie...

“Bang-” The bathroom door was suddenly opened, and a man suddenly reached out and hugged Chen An, who was still in the shower. There was only one bear in the room except for Chen An.

“Ivanov!” There was water in his eyes, and Chen An could not open his eyes. He could only vaguely see a blond man coming up to him and kissing him.

“Baby, I like you call my name!”

It was Ivanov, the bear. Being suddenly attacked, Chen An was at a disadvantage. Hot water kept falling from the top of their heads, wetting their bodies and hair.When Ivanov’s palm reaching toward him, Chen An had a little quiver, like the character in martial arts novels who was stationary due to being attacked the vital point. His feet felt limp and numb.Damn it, this guy already knew where his sensitive points were.

“I love you, Chen An... I love you...”

Ivanov kept muttering cause the naked man in his arms looked so delicious. He didn’t care if he was now a prisoner or not, he would definitely do what he wanted to do. He had never wronged himself, never.

“Is your brain all filled with sperms? Or was it that you have seen too much Animal Planet? Why are you always in heat like an animal?”

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