Can I Return To My Original World!?


After pulling myself together, I looked around me. There was nothing else to see other than the grey-colored road, the grasslands and the nearby forest.
Oh? I can sort of see a building nearby.

When we gradually drew near it, I saw a European-style small fort.
The nearby stone walls encircled the fort and towers could be seen in the center.

“That’s Izel Fort. Have you heard of it before?”

As I was asked by the blond hair Onii-san, I shook my head.

“I see. …Well, let’s talk about the details after we arrive at the fort.”

When we got closer, I could see that there was a moat around the castle walls, and there was a drawbridge coming into view at the entrance.
Then, a voice could be heard from the castle walls, and the drawbridge came down with a rattling sound.

The drawbridge fell to the ground with a thud as I started to feel anxious.

As we entered the fort, there was an area similar to a plaza. When the leader and them entered inside, people came and gathered around.

“Agro. I’m entrusting Yuuri to you. Wait in the office for me.”
“Yes, Leader.”

Agro-san, who just got off his horse, helped me get off.
With a thump, feet reached the ground.
I could feel a firm vibration coming from my feet.

No, there wasn’t a thump.
This is a dream.
It’s a dream for sure.

“Well then Yuuri-san, come over here.”

Agro-san lead me by the hand, and I was crushed by anxiety, but I chased after him after that.

As we passed through the plaza, there was an entrance where people can only enter one at a time. Pass that, we proceeded up a dim narrow staircase.
I felt somewhat lonely, so I firmly held Agro-san’s hand. He looked back and smiled to give me a peace of mind. His light blue eyes were gentle and seemingly smiling.

“It’s slightly dark so it’s scary right? It’ll become bright soon, so let’s preserve a bit longer.”

I nodded my head, Agro-san face towards again and moved forward.

Having climbed the staircase, we got to the building’s roof. As I left the gloomy place to the suddenly bright spot, my eyes got disorientated for a moment. They gradually got used to it and when I looked at my surroundings, I noticed there were another two buildings, one larger than the other, with towers erected on the rooftops.

Agro-san walked towards the bigger building. The knights who stood in front of the door greeted him and we entered inside.

“Come on, it’s this way.”

The entrance opened up to a huge hall with a staircase going up from right to left. We climbed up and headed towards the room at the right end.
When I entered, I first caught sight of a large desk. Also, a stack of papers that looked like official documents accumulated there.

“Well then, sit over here. Umm, I wonder if it’s better if you had something to drink. I’ll go get something real quick.”

When he pointed at a sofa against the wall, he pulled the string on the opposite side of the desk.
Then, after a while, someone knocked on the door. When Agro-san gave permission to enter the room, a bearded person similar to a bear entered the room.

“Did you call for me, vice-leader?”
“Ahh, yeah. I want you to bring this little girl something to drink. Something a kid can drink…. Yuuri-chan, is there anything you can’t drink?”

I tiled my head to the side as I listened.
I mean, if I’m asked that inside a dream, how should I answer?

“For the time being, Rico juice should be fine, Georg, I’m relying on you.”
“Yes sir.”

When the Bear-san called Georg left, Agro-san sat next to me.

“Well then. H~m. I wonder what I should ask.”

I decided to try timidly asking Agro-san who said that while lowering his brows.

“Um… where are we? What is this country called? The name of the continent?”
“Eh? Starting from there?”
“Yes. Please.”
“The name of the continent is Elysia. But this is the Izel Fort at the outskirts of the Ares Kingdom. It’s a fort near the Demon Forest, but have you heard of it before?”


I remembered that at the time, I was asked if I wanted to go to the true Elysia when I changed my occupation to a sage.
But, no way such a thing could….

I wasn’t familiar with the name Izel Fort, but I have heard of the Ares Kingdom. Or rather, it’s a country that appears countless times in quests.

There was difficulties in the inheritance of the throne recently, and I have a feeling there was a quest to cooperate and end the fight between the king faction and the prince faction. The two of them were on good terms in fact, but the mastermind induced them to ruin their relationship.
It was good that I got to choose between a sword and a staff as a reward from that quest.

Wait, that’s not it!

Eh? Eh?! EH?!!

Did I really enter that game world?
Is this inside Elysia Online?

Eh? But if this isn’t a dream, what’s going to happen to me from now on?
Can I return to my original world?

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