Captured! The Demon King is so Miserable

    “Lan Shui, I can’t leave the demon domain!” Nan Xun immediately said.

    Her purpose is to stay besides the Demon King to eliminate his evil value, naturally she can’t leave the demon domain.

    Lan Shui thought that she was afraid that the Demon King would hunt her down and kill her and couldn’t help but whispered: “Don’t be afraid, the Demon King has been captured by the Divine Serpent and Qinglong clan. The news will soon spread within the demon domain, you must leave here before then.”


    Nan Xun looked shocked.

    Xue Ming was captured?

    “Little eight, what’s going on here, how can the Demon King be captured?” Nan Xun hurriedly asked the void beast.

    The void beast replied: “You wait, wait for me to take a look.”

    Nan Xun guessed that the void beast should have clairvoyance or divine hearing, or perhaps a magic item that lets you see anywhere you desire.

    “Shit, things are not looking good! I see the Demon King locked in a cage and bloody! It’s no wonder his blackening value suddenly shot to 100 and evil value rebounded to 99!” The void beast roared.

    Nan Xun was confused. “If he dies, what should I do?”

    The void beast replied, “It’s important to flee first, once the demons within the demon realm hears of the Demon King’s news, I fear that they will take a knife to you.”

    Nan Xun trembled and fell silent.

    As the two reached the threshold of the domain’s barrier, the gate guardian, a two-headed black python bellowed: “Golden python, where are you going? What beast is behind you? Why can’t I see her body?”

    Lan Shui showed the token, but it wasn’t good enough: “The iron-winged fire lion ordered me to go out to run errands and behind me is my newly-shaped sister. She is the giant-eyed owl that wang aided personally. Do you still want to stop me?”

    As soon as the double-headed black snake heard that she was a giant-eyed owl, its natural enemy and personally shaped by the Demon King, it dared not question her identity anymore and apologized. “Since the iron-winged fire lion has errands, then the golden python can leave as soon as possible.”

    Nan Xun was messy in the wind1. She played with Lan Shui for so long. She now discovered that her beast form was actually a golden python.

    Lan Shui is not as enchanting as Hong Chou, why is she a golden python?

    After leaving the demon domain, Lan Shui took Nan Xun a long way before stopping.

    “Lan Shui, why did you protect me?” Nan Xun asked.

    Lan Shui gazed at her lovingly, like an elder looking at a child. “Xuan’Er, now that the Demon King is captured, you’re the greatest hero, you can now retire. You are the pride of the Zuili family.”

    Nan Xun felt shameful and asked little eight in her heart, “What does it have to do with me that the Demon King was captured?”

    The void beast said it was unclear.

    Nan Xun shuddered and felt that she had been set up. It seems that something big happened without her knowledge.

    “Who on earth are you?” Nan Xun frowned and looked at Lan Shui.

    Lan Shui’s eyes were red. “Xuan’Er, have you ever heard your parents mention your aunt, Lan Xin?”

    Nan Xun’s face changed.

    Aunt Lan Xin mentioned by Lan Shui was naturally someone she knows. Her father had her when he was 200 years old, but she has never met her aunt. It’s said that during the beast war a hundred year prior to her birth, her father’s half-sister, Aunt Lan Xin, inexplicably disappeared and was never found.

    Everyone said that Zuili Lan Xin lost her life in the war, both her father and mother were devastated.

    “You’re obviously a beast. How could you be my aunt? My aunt has died a long time ago.” She thought she just heard a joke just now.

   Lan Shui smiled bitterly, “Xuan’Er, have you awakened the unique bloodline, beast-taming ability?”

    Nan Xun shook her head, “No.”

    Lan Shui bowed her head, “No wonder. From awakening the inherited ability, there were many unique secrets and forbidden techniques in beast-taming. Among them, there is a powerful forbidden technique called soul eater…”  

    When I was Zuili Lan Xin, I was injured during the war and my spiritual strength was severely damaged and I could no longer control beasts. However, Zuili Lan Xin was a natural genius in cultivation, even if I couldn’t control beasts.

    But even then, the elders of the Zuili family made a desperate decision.

    They used a soul extraction technique to pull Zuili Lan Xin’s soul out of her body and placed it into a golden python.

    Zuili Lan Xin was forced into the giant golden python’s body and the vessel contained two souls. In order to fully possess the new body, following the elders’ wishes, she had to use a forbidden soul eating technique to swallow its soul.

    Nan Xun has long felt disgust towards the old men but didn’t think they were capable of doing anything horrible to this extent.  

    Lan Shui saw her angry expression and couldn’t help but smile. “Don’t blame the elders. This was my wish. I am willing to do anything for the Zuili family and help them destroy the bloodthirsty Demon King as soon as possible. This is for the peace and prosperity of mankind.”

    Nan Xun felt at that moment, that Lan Shui was shining all over her body and the dazzling golden light almost blinded her.2

    Nan Xun was upset for her aunt Lan Xin but didn’t expect that she was willing to do it.

    “Child, you have been living with the blood thirsty Demon King for these years. It must have been really hard on you, but it’s good that you poisoned the Demon King. It gave the Qinglong and Divine Serpent clan an opportunity to capture that beast alive. You’re the hero for all of mankind, we are proud of you.”

    Nan Xun was shocked.

    Wait, what is her aunt talking about? Why doesn’t she understand a word?

    “What she meant was that because you administer poison unique to the Zuili clan to the Demon King, it led to his defeat. The Demon King is now confined into a cage, being whipped all day long and ended up miserable.” The void beast kindly explained.

    “Come on, I know what she meant. What I don’t understand is, when did I administer poison to Xue Ming?” Nan Xun was a bit grumpy.

    “I don’t know.” The void beast fell silent after replying.

    Nan Xun wanted to kill the void beast.

    “Xuan’Er, go back, aunt won’t take you.” Lan Shui suddenly said, her eyes looked into the distance with melancholy.

    Nan Xun suddenly returned from her consciousness and asked: “Aunt, why don’t you return to the clan with me?”

    Zuili Lan Xin touched her head and smiled. “Aunt has already become neither a human nor a beast. I have no face to go back to the Zuili family and no courage to face the clan. Xuan’Er, go on.”

    Nan Xun opened her mouth and wanted to persuade her but couldn’t say a word.

    “Go on.” Zuili Lan Xin urged.

    Nan Xun turned back ten times to the gently smiling woman behind her, but by the last time she looked, she had disappeared.

    “Don’t look, she has long wanted to die. Now that the Demon King is captured, she lost her reason to live.” The void beast said.  

    “Are you saying she will commit suicide?” Nan Xun was shocked. But when she thought about it, she understood. “She has been hiding her identity for so many years. As a person, she had to find a way to blend in with the beasts and must have felt bitter in her heart. Now she is finally free.”

    The void beast remained silent.

    Nan Xun suddenly felt her footsteps were heavy.

  1. Messy in the wind – protagonist’s mood is like wind-like chaos and refers to their mood’s depression.
  2. It’s a joke – Nan Xun didn’t expect her to be such a good moral person to sacrifice herself for mankind. It’s like a real-life saint in front of her.

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