It wasn't a bird.

​Because there's no way an animal that big can fly in the sky.

It's not a plane. 

Because in this world no equipment can fly in the sky.

That's why I was easily able to accept it when Larry-kun muttered, "Demon beasts"

I see... so that's what a beast is... ... 

... ...It's huge. 

The shadow that I saw from afar seems to be getting bigger as it headed straight ahead towards the palace.

"Shina-san we'll be moving away"

While looking midway at the sky, Larry-kun turned over towards the carriage and looked at me with serious eyes. 

"It's a bird type demon beast. From what we could see there's twenty of them. It might be continuing from behind"

"...did the barrier disappeared?"

I did hear that in the northern forest there's a lot of demon beast there. But, there should still have been a barrier and that the demon beasts can not get out of that barrier... ... .

"For the maintenance of the barrier there's should still be a lot of magic equipment in the palace and if the barrier did disappear we would have learned sooner about it."


"This is just my theory but I think there's a part in the barrier that is quite weak and they used that part. As we can see there's quite a hoard of demon beast that was able to get through the barrier."

I see.

​"And this just my wishful thinking but...I do hope the barrier still exists."

Larry-kun slowly creased his eyebrows and bit his lips, seeing him like that all I can do is a nod. 

The only one who can put the barrier is the Saint. But the high school girl Saint still can't use her skills. If amidst that and the barrier disappeared. What awaits is a clash between the humans and the demon beasts.

... ...With those huge beasts.

Hurst-san did say that if you can just get the hang of it, you can defeat them in one strike but a normal person can't possibly do that.

"It seems like the demon beasts headed straight here. That's why before a report could even come in they were able to pass through the capital and I'm sure their target is... ..."

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Larry-kun said as he looked outside the window. 

And what's there is the place where I've been staying at ever since I came into this world.

"The palace"

And then Larry-kun light green eyes stared at me again. 

"It seems like the demon beasts are instinctively going after the magic equipment inside the palace or maybe it's the Saint. That's why rather than staying here it's better if we leave this place."

It was the calm decision that Larry-kun made. Nothing has happened yet but it was a decision he came up with after seeing the numbers of demon beasts and their destination. I really think he's amazing by being able to reach that sort of conclusion.

After informing me about it. Larry-kun stood up and headed towards the window towards the coachman and tried to open it. I'm sure he's planning on giving out orders to the coachman. But just when he was about to open the window, I grabbed his hands tightly. 


I'm sure Larry-kun isn't wrong.

Right now the demon beasts have yet to arrive at the palace but it's just a matter of time before they do. In a sky where there's nothing to obstruct them, they'll surely arrive soon and even with that, there's no assurance that they're only after the palace.

Even if the carriage can get away from the palace, if a flying demon beast wants it then it can immediately catch up with the carriage that's why I do know it's better to leave sooner. 

...I know... 

...I know...but...

​"What about the people inside the palace?"

That's right. There's a lot of people staying at the palace. There's a lot of women, men and other officers that don't know how to fight.

Upon hearing my words, Larry-kun nodded his head, as if to assure me and said, "It's going to be fine. Compared to the demon beasts, Vol-san is faster than them. Today Nii-san is also at the palace and since he knows that Vol-san's instincts are correct most of the time. I'm sure they're able to vacate the palace now."

Which mean that palace wouldn't suddenly attack. Even though it is only a matter of time before they arrive and though they'll be rushed. The people at the palace can still prepare. Since Hurst-san and Thruster-san are there then things will be alright. 

But...I'm still worried... ....

"Today, Hurst-san hasn't eaten my dish"

Today we were supposed to go to the marketplace and buy some ingredients to make a meal that's why we only ate the meal served from the palace. The Hurst-san right now hasn't received the effects of eating my dish. His skill and physical abilities don't have that extra buff... ...

​"It will be fine. Vol-san has fought a lot of beasts for a long time already. There's no way he'll lose"

"... ...Un."

Larry-kun's strong eyes is filled with tremendous trust, I nodded because somehow seeing him like this is comforting me.

I'm sure the people from the palace can evacuate. 

Hurst-san will never lose.

After that is...

"... ...What about everyone from the security?"

The Kei Bihei brothers. 

Just a while ago they were training. We just started getting along with each other and talking to one another. 

What about them?

​And then slowly my voice came out. 

And then compared to before, Larry-kun's eyebrows lowered a bit. 

... ...This time he didn't say 'it's going to be fine'

" I ―― want to return to the palace " 

That's why those words naturally came out from me. 

While grabbing his hands, I looked straight on to Larry-kun's light green eyes and then those eyes of his started to waver.

"That's... ...No. It's way too dangerous"

"... ...Larry-kun you know about my power right?"

My power.

If you eat it you'll become strong.

If you eat it you'll get healthier

"I know... ...But"

"The one who'll be in the front... ...the one who'll receive the most damage are the security knights aren't they?"

With my question, Larry-kun closed his mouth and nodded a little. 

"... ...The higher knights will prioritise those with higher social standings, help in evacuating the palace and the special knight squad will be protecting the Saint and the magic equipments. That's why if there is a sudden attack, the first one to rush towards it are the security knights."


"It would have been fine if Hurst-san can face off with all the demon beasts. But no way that's gonna happen... ..."

"... ...Un"

That's right. It's the job of the security knights to protect the palace. It's for cases like this, that's why they're there. If something happens they're the first one to rush, in face of a surprise attack, they're supposed to defend against it. Even if it's impossible they have to do everything to at least buy some time.

At times like this, it's the most dangerous job.

" ―― I want to use my power"

I tightened my hold to Larry-kun's hands. 

"If it's about my safety then you don't have to worry about it. I can easily warped into a different space upon using just a few words. And what's more there's water there and food and I'm sure it's the safest place within the capital and I'm the person who is the safest out of everyone in the capital."

​If I think it's going to be dangerous then all I have to do is to evacuate to my kitchen.

I'll be in the safest place compared to others.


​I stared straight at his light green eyes and then Larry-kun who looks like he is about to cry, smiled. 

"The truth is I want to stop you. I want to protect you, Shine-san... ...but.――It's because of that kindness that's why I was saved."

And then suddenly Larry-kun hugged me suddenly and strongly that I suddenly sat back.

"... ...I really can't stop you"

And then while hugging me, he raised his head and those light green eyes of his aren't wavering anymore.

"If things get dangerous please make sure you'll use your skill and make sure some time passed and that it's safe."

Seeing that Larry-kun is still worrying for me, I raised my right thumb and said, 

"Un. Leave it to me" 

Seeing me like that, Larry-kun smiled as if it couldn't be helped and then he called over the coachman. 
―― Our destination is the Royal Palace.

I'm sure the demon beasts would be faster than the carriage. That's why we used the carriage as far as it could take us and then we've decided to run. 

Stones started to fall as the demon beasts attacks from the sky grazed the stone wall while avoiding it, we went inside the palace. Inside there wasn't the usual liveliness of the hall but it seems like it became the place for those injured are gathered.

"Shina-san I'll go to where Vol-san is... ...Shina-san was able to save me. That's why I'm sure your skill will be useful. 

"Un. I'll be fine. That's why Larry you should also be careful"

"... ...Yes!"

Larry-kun said as he rushed out and then I started to call out to the familiar faces of the security knights. 

"Are you alright?"

"Isarai-san? Why... ..."

"Are only injured people gathered here?"

"Yes. It's thanks to Hurst-san that they were able to evacuate but while we were trying to distract them the stone walls started falling... ...Anyways they're inside the inner room"

When I looked around there were ten guard knights and inside the room, there's a familiar blonde brown-haired.

It seems like that person is on top of a high-class tawny carpet and for some reason, the carpet around him has become darker. 

As if I'm being pulled over, I headed towards there and the guards inside kept on calling out on each other about exchanging.

"... ...This is"

"Isarai-san! We'll immediately call for a doctor!"

A shrieking like voice. 

I always used to hear that even from afar and then I stared at him. 

He was always someone noisy, haughtily laughing annoyingly but what I can hear right now is his faint breath. From his left shoulder until his right waist, there seems to be some sort of cloth tightly binding it. I'm sure that cloth used to be white but it has soaked too much that's why it's only the carpet over here that has turned like this... ... 

"From what I've heard some people weren't able too to run away on time... ....and that to protect them..."

While listening to them, I kneeled on the nearest pillow.

... ...I see.

Even though he only gives out an order from afar. 

I always thought he's just skipping his work. 

"... ...So he does his job"

I patted his head with the blonde taffy colour hair that he was always so proud off.

"I'll de disappearing for a bit but please don't think too much about it since I'll be returning soon"

The truth is... .... It would have been better to think things through first. 

Maybe it would have been better if I had kept my skill a secret. It isn't such a good idea to use it here where there's a lot of eyes around me. 

... ...But.

Right now I just have to focus on what's in front of me.

―― I want to help them. 

――That's why I will do it. 

It's because my skill is amazing!

" “ Summon Kitchen ” ! "

EUNIE HERE: Whoa...things has really gotten serious. I really thought I'll just be translating stuff about the marketplace. So what do you guys think will happen now? Aaaah. 

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