Chapter 23 – Do I Care?

“Do you have a phone?”

The young woman didn’t seem to care about Su Lin’s rudeness. She looked outside the window and asked as it gradually darkened.

“No ….”

Su Lin was a bit embarrassed. His mother was afraid that he would play on the phone and not read, so she didn’t match his phone.

“Then hand me the phone on the table.”

The young woman’s own phone had long since been taken away by the two men’s gang. Su Lin knew that the young woman was looking for someone, so he quickly pulled the phone line from the hotel and held it in front of the young woman.

Du, du, du … …

Picking up the phone, the young woman skillfully dialed a string of numbers, and when the call connected, she said with an imposing manner: “Captain Yang? I’m Fang Yuping, right, I’m currently in room 402 of the Jiaxing Grand Hotel. Yes, I’ve been kidnapped, and when I left the hospital today, I was attacked from behind using knockout drugs. Yes, I suspect it was those guys who did it. Hm! “Please leave the police quickly. Two of their accomplices have already been subdued in the room, but it’s not guaranteed that there won’t be any other accomplices in the hotel …”

Seeing the young woman calling the commanding officer on the phone, Su Lin was a little stunned. He had never seen a woman who could still describe the events in such a calm, rational and calm manner after being kidnapped, and even gives orders to someone who seemed to be from the Public Security Bureau.

“What is the background of this young woman?”

Su Lin quietly stood to the side with a surprised look on his face. In just a minute or two, the young woman had already finished arranging everything, hung up the phone, and then seemed to have recovered some strength from her body. She also straightened her body, and didn’t look as dispirited and weak as she did just now, she gave Su Lin a polite smile, but said with a dignified tone, “Su Lin, thank you for saving me this time. I’ve already notified the Criminal Police Division’s Captain Yang, he immediately brought the Criminal Police over, it should only be around 10 minutes or so. ”

“Phew!” “That’s good. As long as the police arrive, we’ll be completely safe.”

However, when he thought of Teacher Lin, Su Lin’s heart skipped a beat. Currently, there was no longer any danger on the young woman’s side. Since the Criminal Police squad was rushing over, Su Lin had plenty of time to stop. What else could he do if he didn’t hurry up and save Teacher Lin?

“Auntie, I came to Jiaxing Hotel to save our form teacher. She was tricked into Jiaxing Hotel by someone, and I’m afraid something bad might happen to her, so I have to go and save her right now.” I’ve already knocked out the two people in the bathroom so I won’t wake up anytime soon. Don’t run out by yourself, it’s safe as long as you stay in the room and wait for the police to come over. ”

Although the police officer was about to arrive, Su Lin was still a little worried about the young woman in front of him. He lightly said this but didn’t expect that the young woman would actually give him an idea.

“Su Lin, you said you were going to save your teacher. You probably don’t even know which room your teacher is in right now, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t have accidentally come to my room. ”

The young woman’s foresight was like a god. She crossed her arms over her chest, covering the wet parts as she spoke. However, this actually made the pair of majestic breasts even larger.

“Hm!” Auntie, to tell you the truth, I’m also worried about this matter right now. This Jiaxing Hotel is more than 20 stories high, and there are at least a hundred rooms, this … Auntie, do you have any ideas? ”

Su Lin was having a headache. He couldn’t go to each room to look for it, right? Forget about him not having the ability, even if he had the ability, time would not allow it! However, Su Lin changed his mind. Since the young woman in front of him had pointed out this problem, she definitely had a way to solve it.

“Such a large hotel would definitely have cameras installed on every floor and even in the private rooms. If you can enter their security room and search through these cameras, you will be able to accomplish twice the results with half the work. Even if you don’t have a camera in your room, you can still check the history of the camera in the lobby on the first floor. You can always find your teacher quickly. However, if you go out now, you’ll be found before you even reach the security room. I think you’d better wait until the squad arrives. I’ll have them search your rooms one by one. ”

The young woman had only suggested a workable solution, but he didn’t think Surin would be able to sneak into the security room through the surveillance of so many security guards. But to say that this was only an impossible solution, it wasn’t that feasible.

But Su Lin didn’t think so. When the young woman suggested this idea, Su Lin was elated. He thought to himself, how come he didn’t think of it? When he was on the first floor, wasn’t it because those surveillance cameras were being crushed like dogs by the security guards? If it wasn’t for the fact that they could suspend time, they wouldn’t have been able to escape the dragnet of these security guards.

With this, it was a good opportunity for him to return the favor. Putting aside his time, he sneaked into the security room to see what level of room Teacher Lin was in.

“Auntie, thank you. It was really timely!” “Then you better stay here and be careful. I’m going out.”

Time was of the essence. Su Lin didn’t wait for the young woman to reply and directly opened the door to take a look at the corridor. There weren’t any hotel security guards there, so he slipped out.

He knew that the security room was right in the middle of the fifth floor. As long as he went up one flight of stairs to the fourth floor, he would be there.

Immediately, Su Lin did not waste even a second and directly rushed towards the staircase. Luckily, he did not run into any security guards along the way, so he did not waste any time to stop.

However, when Su Lin rushed into the security room, the security guards inside immediately rushed towards him in order to capture him. However, with Su Lin’s divine skill of temporarily stopping time, how could they even have the slightest ability to resist.

“Done!” “Now, bring out the recording …”

After recovering his time and putting his hands, Su Lin looked at the monitoring system in front of him. It was not difficult to operate. Immediately, he called out the records of the thirty minutes that he spent in the first floor’s lobby.

“Hurry up …” It should be during this time that Teacher Lin arrives at the Jiaxing Hotel. ”

Su Lin estimated the time and started to move. Sure enough, twenty-eight minutes ago he saw Teacher Lin, Old Dog Li and others walking into the lobby with Liu Yunfeng, who was wearing a white suit and black sunglasses, acting cool.

“Is it him?” colluding with Old Dog Li to ruin Teacher Lin? ”

Staring at Liu Yunfeng’s back on the screen, a vicious expression flashed across Su Lin’s face for the first time.

He continued to look through the records and very quickly, Su Lin followed the location of the camera and confirmed that the room they had entered was the 708 room on the seventh floor.

Turning on the live video surveillance camera, Su Lin immediately noticed when he jumped out of the corridor to the seventh floor. At this moment, Liu Yunfeng was helping Teacher Lin up to the 712 room on the seventh floor. From the surveillance footage, Su Lin already found out that something was wrong with Teacher Lin. She was in a daze as if she was drunk.

“Not good, Teacher Lin is really in danger.”

After seeing this, how could Su Lin dare to continue watching? He immediately flew out of the security room and headed straight for room 712 on the seventh floor.

“Teacher Lin, just wait for me, I will definitely save you.”

The situation was extremely urgent. Su Lin didn’t care if it was a waste of time, he had already stopped running when he came out of the security room and rushed upstairs.

The seventh floor and fifth floor were only two floors apart, but Su Lin felt that it was too far away, he could only pause for a second at a time.

Sixth floor…

Seventh floor …

Su Lin panted. He had used all of his strength, so he hadn’t fought so hard even when the school was participating in the 100-meter race.

“Seventh floor …” We’ll be there soon. After passing through this corridor, we’ll reach room 712 … Teacher Lin… I’m here to save you … ”

He had no idea where this burst of energy came from, but just as he finished using up the time, Su Lin also arrived at the entrance of room 712.

At this moment, Liu Yuanfeng had just helped Lin Qinxue open the private room 712, and was walking inside. Before he could even close the door, Su Lin appeared in front of Liu Yuanfeng as if he had just appeared out of thin air. Without saying anything, he immediately threw a punch towards Liu Yunfeng’s chin, and at the same time, caught the unconscious Lin Qingxue.

Puff … –

Liu Yuanfeng, who was completely unprepared for Su Lin’s punch and still hadn’t figured out the situation, felt that his lower front teeth were about to be broken. He immediately bounced up from the ground and without caring about anything else, he angrily roared at Su Lin, “Do you know who I am? “I am Liu Yunfeng, son of Secretary Liu of the Municipal Committee. You dare to hit me, do you want to live?”

“Who the f * ck do I care who you are?”

Faced with Liu Yunfeng’s continuous threats and insults, Su Lin did not hold back at all and returned, “If you dare to touch my Teacher Lin, I don’t care who it is!”

After saying that, Su Lin viciously kicked Liu Yuanfeng’s stomach again. Although Liu Yuanfeng was also 1.756, his body had been hollowed out by alcohol and beauties all year round. In terms of fighting and strength, he was far weaker than Su Lin, and his fighting skills were even worse. After being fiercely kicked by Su Lin in anger, he had just been arrogantly scolding without even having the strength to scold him.

“Teacher Lin, Teacher Lin, are you alright!” I’m Surin, look. I am Su Lin … ”

After dealing with Liu Yuanfeng, Su Lin turned around and looked at Lin Qinxue, who was in his arms. Right now, Lin Qinxue’s face was a deep red. Her entire body was burning hot and her legs unconsciously flapped with each other. The innermost part of her body was mumbling indistinctly.

“Ugh …” Hmm… “Ugh …”

As she shouted, Lin Qing Xue’s hands actually climbed onto Su Lin’s neck. She let go of Su Lin and continued to hang on to him as she stared seductively at Su Lin.

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