Chapter 24 – I Can’t Help It, Teacher Lin

“Teacher Lin, what’s wrong with you?”

Su Lin was a little confused. At first, he thought Lin Qinxue was drunk on Liu Yunfeng, which was why she was in such a daze. But now, Lin Qinxue’s body did not reek of alcohol at all. Why was she still in such a daze?

“Could it be? Teacher Lin was drugged like that young maiden? ”

Thinking of this, Su Lin dragged Lin Qing Xue, whose neck was still hanging by his neck, into the toilet in the private room with difficulty. Then, he used the quilt to scoop up some water and splashed it on her face.

Puff … –

The cold clear water really did have the effect of waking up Lin Qinxue’s mind. She immediately sobered up.

“Su Lin?” You. Why are you here? I… “Where am I?”

Lin Qinxue, who had just woken up and was still unclear about the situation, discovered that she was actually leaning into Su Lin’s embrace, her two hands wrapped around Su Lin’s neck, and her entire body was hanging onto Su Lin’s. She was startled and immediately let go, only to discover that her body couldn’t stand stably and she immediately grabbed onto Su Lin’s clothes to stabilize herself.

“Lin …” Teacher Lin, you were tricked by that bastard Old Dog Li, do you remember now? ”

Being held so tightly by Lin Qinxue, Su Lin’s heart tightened. Plus, Lin Qinxue’s clothes were a little wet, and her white shirt was pressed tightly against her chest. That semi-transparent feeling made Su Lin involuntarily look inside.

“I remember that Director Li invited us female teachers to the Jiaxing Hotel for dinner. I originally didn’t come, but I thought I would explain to you what you remembered, so I followed. To think that… “I never thought that Chief Li would actually treat me like this …”

After thinking for a while, Lin Qinxue looked at Liu Yuanfeng who was lying on the floor and crying in pain. How could she not know what had happened during this period of time?

“So … Teacher Lin came here for me. ”

Hearing Lin Qing Xue’s narration, Su Lin was moved. Don’t look at how many times Lin Qing Xue had scolded Su Lin in the past three years, she had also called him a parent a lot of times, but Su Lin could feel that Teacher Lin really meant it for him. Even if she scolded him a few times, it was all for the sake of allowing him to study hard, wasn’t it?

“Su Lin, teacher needs to thank you. If you didn’t arrive in time, teacher’s innocence will …”

Lin Qinxue felt a little awkward as she spoke, because the effects of “Free and Unrestrained Powder” had not passed and were still in effect. It was just that the short time of clear water had cleared her mind, but her body’s reaction did not decrease at all.

At this moment, Lin Qing Xue was using her reason to suppress her body’s reaction and impulse. She couldn’t help but show a conflicted expression on her face. However, she couldn’t show it in front of Su Lin.

“Teacher Lin, you… What’s the matter with you? Why does his expression look so awful? It was … Are you sick? “Oh right, when you were leaning against me just now, I realized that your body was boiling hot. It can’t be that you have a fever, right?”

How could Su Lin know that Lin Qinxue had been drugged with aphrodisiac? He didn’t even consider that. However, the current Teacher Lin was so captivating. She exuded a green and immature fragrance, her face was narrow and her breath was warm, causing Su Lin’s heart to palpitate uncontrollably.

“No ….” “It’s nothing!”

Lin Qing Xue quickly denied it, but then she thought for a while and added, “Su Lin, there’s always something wrong with your body, you … …” “Hurry up and send me down, I want to go home.”

The effects of Free and Unrestrained Powder was getting stronger and stronger, and Lin Qinxue could feel that she was almost losing control. Her legs were tightly held together, and she was unable to even take a step forward, so she could only lean heavily against Su Lin’s body.

“Alright, alright, alright… Teacher Lin, I’ll walk you downstairs immediately. ”

With Lin Qinxue leaning on him like this, Su Lin also felt a bit embarrassed. Teacher Lin’s soft body leaned against him, giving off a warm wave of heat. Her jacket was already a little messy, plus the shirt underneath was wet. As long as Su Lin slightly lowered his head, he could see everything.

With two “ka ka” sounds, he turned the handle of the door. Su Lin was also stunned. He did not think too much and walked out of the room with Lin Qinxue in his arms. Who would have thought that this was in Jiaxing Hotel, in Liu Yuanfeng’s territory.

Just as he walked out of his room, he met Li Jianxing in the corridor.

“Su Lin?” You little bastard, why are you here? Teacher Lin? Then … Young Master Liu? ”

Originally, when Li Jianxing saw Lin Qinxue being led to her room by Liu Yuanfeng, he was elated. He felt that as long as Young Master Liu opened his mouth, his position as the deputy secretary of the Party committee would be a piece of cake. Li Jianxing, who was planning to go downstairs, would never have thought that Su Lin would appear here. Besides, beside Su Lin, Lin Qinxue, who was supposed to be tortured by Liu Yuanfeng in the room, was also here.

“Old dog Li!” “You still have the face to say that I beat you to death? How dare you secretly harm Teacher Lin in such a manner?”

Seeing Li Jianxing, Su Lin’s anger rose. He wanted to stop the time to teach Li Jianxing a lesson, but he found that the number on the upper right corner of his line of sight was 0. It turned out that he had used up all his time the moment he rushed up.

“Li Jianxing, quick… Quick, get someone to catch this stinking brat. He actually dared to hit this young master. Someone, come! Where are the security guards? ”

At this time, Liu Yuanfeng limped out from the private room and yelled out. When had he, Young Master Liu, been beaten up like this in Jianan City? No matter where he went, there would still be people politely receiving him. Yet today, he was in his own territory, getting ruthlessly punched and kicked by Su Lin. How could he not fly into a rage?

“Security!” Quick… Catch that kid! “Young Master Liu said that we will reward 10,000 yuan for capturing this brat.”

“Quick… “All of you, hurry up and come up…”

… ….

In an instant, the security guards rushed over from all directions. With the walkie-talkie, almost all the security guards received the news and rushed towards the seventh floor.

“This is bad!”

Su Lin also regretted that he was a bit too reckless. He didn’t even consider the situation outside and recklessly ran out with Teacher Lin.

“What should we do?” Su Lin, how about … Run first! Hurry up and call the police! ”

Lin Qinxue saw so many guards rush over. There were no blind spots at all in this narrow corridor. Su Lin couldn’t even run out, let alone bring her along with him.

“There’s no other way! “I’ve run out of time.”

Su Lin’s face was also filled with anxiety, but at this moment, he ran out of time.

“What are you all standing around for? Charge over and beat him to death. I’ll take responsibility if anything happens to him.”

Now there were more than a dozen security guards on the seventh floor. Liu Yuanfeng rubbed his shoulders and rubbed his palms together, preparing to take back the pain he had suffered from ten times more than he had experienced on Su Lin’s body.

Of course, there was also Lin Qingxue, who was carried by Su Lin. How could Liu Yuanfeng let such a meaty person go? It was absolutely impossible for a cooked duck to let her run away.

“Su Lin, quickly run. Teacher, block them …”

Seeing the security guards rush over, Lin Qinxue struggled to cover for Su Lin so he could escape. But how could Su Lin let Lin Qinxue take the risk? The only thing he could do was …

“I’m sorry, Teacher Lin!”

The moment Lin Qinxue was about to rush out, Su Lin turned around and hugged her. Then, his two hands mercilessly pierced into Lin Qinxue’s already drenched white shirt.

Touch! Those towering soft, pink undergarments gave off a unique feeling of warmth. It was as if Lin Qinxue’s body temperature had risen by a few degrees.

“Ugh …” “Mmm…”

After being suddenly grabbed by Su Lin, Lin Qinxue, who was already extremely sensitive, couldn’t help but cry out. Her body was completely bent and her two hands were tightly wrapped around Su Lin’s waist.

“So soft …” Eh? Why did this thing become so tough? ”

Su Lin’s thick and rough large hand was barely able to grasp onto Lin Qingxue’s softness. As he gently caressed it, he saw the number on the upper corner of his hand begin to increase.

Five seconds …

Ten seconds …

… ….

It had only been a few seconds, but Su Lin saw that the time he could use had increased by another thirty seconds. However, he really couldn’t bear to part with this feeling.

“What an arrogant brat, he actually dares to act like this in front of this young master even when he’s about to die!” Hit him hard for me. ”

When he saw this scene, the already fuming Liu Yuanfeng was even more enraged. He did not expect that Su Lin did not think of how to escape and instead became so intimate with the woman he fancied.

Of course, it wasn’t only Liu Yuanfeng who was stunned, but also the head teacher, Li Jianxing. Li Jianxing knew that Su Lin was a student in Lin Qingxue’s class, but Su Lin actually dared to molest his class teacher.

At Liu Yuanfeng’s command, a few security guards holding electric batons fiercely charged forward. However, Su Lin had nothing to be afraid of now. With a thirty second pause, Su Lin let out a faint smile as he thought to himself, “Time is paused.”

Time stopped, everyone froze, but Surin was able to move freely.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Without any hesitation, Su Lin kicked the stomach of the guard that was frozen in place. At the same time, he also let Li Jianxing, who was closest to Liu Yuanfeng, punch him hard in the stomach.

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