Chapter 28 – I’ll Teach You

Her thin nightgown was translucent, especially now that Lin Qinxue’s entire body was burning hot and drenched in fragrant sweat. Especially the two red cherries on her chest; they were especially firm and could be vaguely seen.

“Nnn… mmmm….”

Being sucked so tightly by Su Lin, Lin Qinxue’s entire body felt numb, an unprecedented feeling assaulted her. Her entire body felt light, and became even more blurry. She instinctively hugged Su Lin even more tightly, and her feet hooked onto Su Lin’s body.

The lower half of his body had already reacted long ago, blood was rushing to his head, he didn’t care about anything anymore, just when he was about to ignore everything else, he made a big movement and knocked over the glass on the small table in front of the bed. Fresh water splashed onto the bed, splashing onto Su Lin’s and Lin Qingxue’s faces.

This burst of stimulation caused Su Lin and Lin Qinxue to wake up. Lin Qinxue only came to her senses after she was splashed with cold water. She was also shocked by her own appearance, but when she thought carefully, she still remembered the whole story. She was the one who took the initiative, and… She even forcefully kissed Su Lin.

“Su Lin, no… It can’t be this way…”

Lin Qinxue furrowed her brows and struggled in her mind and instincts. Her hands changed from hugging Su Lin to pushing Su Lin’s chest, trying her best to push him away. Although the reality was that Lin Qinxue’s body had the urge to crush Su Lin into her own body.

At the same time, Su Lin also sobered up a bit. He fiercely slapped his own mouth and silently cursed himself for being such a freak. He didn’t even let go of his class teacher. She was six or seven years older than him! His English teacher! How could he do such a thing? If others were to know about this, even if they didn’t mention their own problems, just Lin Qinxue’s reputation would be ruined.

“Su Lin, quick… Get out of the way… I… So hot… It feels so bad…”

When Lin Qinxue was in the hotel, she had been drugged by Liu Yuanfeng. At this moment, she broke out in a fit of rage. The tingling numbness in her body urged her to move, causing her to feel hot all over. Coupled with the fact that Su Lin was practically riding on her body, the strong masculine aura made her nearly suffocate.

“Teacher Lin, you… Don’t worry, in this situation, you must have been drugged at the hotel.”

Seeing Lin Qingxue’s reaction, no matter how stupid Su Lin was, he knew that someone had drugged her with aphrodisiac.

Su Lin quickly stood up from the bed in order not to provoke Lin Qinxue. But as he stood up, Su Lin was embarrassed to discover that he was only wearing Lin Qinxue’s thin and ill-fitting butterfly pink pajamas. Especially his pajamas, he was so tall that Lin Qinxue could see the small tent that he set up as soon as he stood up.

“Su Lin, this… I… I think it’s better if I take a bath to calm myself down…”

Lin Qinxue lowered her head shyly, but she still saw Su Lin’s crotch from the corner of her eyes.

“Alright… Good… Teacher, you… Go quickly, and the shower will probably be better. ”

Su Lin quickly bent his waist back so that the small tent wouldn’t look too obvious. Lin Qingxue ran and ran out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, closing the door firmly behind her.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Su Lin also returned to the living room with the sound of water flowing. His sharp hearing not only captured the sound of water, but also heard Lin Qing Xue’s slightly heavy breathing in the bathroom.

“Teacher Lin, are you feeling a little better now? ”

Su Lin asked as he knocked on the frosted glass bathroom door. Lin Qinxue had already showered for almost half an hour.

“No …” No, Su Lin, you. You’re not allowed to come in. ”

Through the frosted glass door, Su Lin saw Lin Qinxue scurry up, using her body to resist the frosted glass door. The nozzle that was left behind fell to the ground, water splashing everywhere.

“Teacher Lin, don’t worry. I won’t go in, but you… How are you doing? Nothing better, is the effect not over yet? Otherwise… I’ll take you to the hospital! ”

Su Lin sighed inwardly. He himself was also very conflicted, but in his heart, he scolded himself with a bit of regret: “Hey! If I had taken advantage of such a good opportunity just now, as long as I had been a little more impulsive, escaping from being a virgin would not have been a dream.”

Lin Qinxue who was in the bathroom was silent for a moment. Su Lin heard her hold her breath as if she was making a decision, then slowly said with a slightly timid voice, “Su Lin, teacher’s body is still very tight, you… Just let me stay inside and water the whole time, otherwise I won’t be able to control myself when I go out later. If something happens to you, I won’t forgive myself for the rest of my life. Just wait for the effects of the medicine to wear off. Don’t worry about Teacher and quickly go to sleep. Otherwise, you won’t have the energy to attend class tomorrow. ”

“In your situation, it would be weird if I could sleep!”

Su Lin smiled wryly in his heart. He would never have thought that he would encounter such a tangled and awkward situation tonight.

“Teacher Lin, this won’t do. You won’t be able to last an entire night just like this. It’s also easy for you to catch a cold. I heard that these aphrodisiacs will not fail until they are vented. How about you put on your clothes and come out. We’ll think of a way. If not, we’ll go to the hospital at night.”

Although Su Lin couldn’t learn well, he read a lot of those messy novels. If such a scene was written in a novel by the current author, the reader would definitely scold him or her half-dead. However, the truth was that it was often even more absurd than the novel. Even in novels, people would find it suspicious and far-fetched, but it often happened in reality.

“Then… Then what should I do? I’m not going to the hospital. This is too embarrassing. I’m not going out either, teacher. The teacher is too ashamed to see you. I’m not going anywhere. I’m just going to stay in the bathroom. ”

At this critical moment, Su Lin had not expected that Lin Qinxue would have such a childish temper. She was determined to stay in the bathroom and not come out.

“No! If Teacher Lin is like this, you’ll be sick, and the medicine won’t go away even if you stay like this. Do you want to hide in the bathroom for the rest of your life?”

This time, Su Lin was a bit helpless. It seemed that no matter how old the woman was, she had the side of a child. Don’t look at her usual stern face, she pretended to be mature and serious, but in truth, she was still a girl who had yet to grow up.

“Then… Then what should I do? Su Lin, what do you think I should do? Could it be that teacher and you really… With what? ”

“No, no, no… Teacher, you can’t do it with me, but you can… I can do it myself…”

No matter how he thought about it, Su Lin didn’t have any good ideas. Since he couldn’t get rid of the aphrodisiac, and he couldn’t have a relationship with Lin Qinxue, then the only thing he could do was… He could only let Lin Qinxue take care of it herself.

“What? To do it himself… Do… What for?”

“That’s right… Aiya! Teacher Lin, you’re really masturbating! You really want me to explain it to you so clearly, don’t tell me you’ve never done it before? ”

Although Su Lin was thick-skinned, he was still unable to say it out loud so straightforwardly. Yet, Lin Qinxue was actually unable to understand it.

“Ah? I… I haven’t. ”

Lin Qinxue’s face became even hotter. She was only separated from Su Lin by a frosted glass door, and Su Lin could almost feel the heat coming from Lin Qinxue’s body behind the frosted glass door.

“Eh …. Then, Teacher Lin, you don’t know about it, right?”

“I… I really. I really don’t know how to do it.”

Fortunately, Lin Qinxue and Su Lin weren’t face-to-face. Otherwise, how awkward would it be?

“Then what should we do? Teacher Lin, if you don’t want to vent, then you can only go to the hospital. Come out, I’ll drive you there overnight.”

Su Lin was utterly defeated. He didn’t expect that his high school teacher, the English teacher, Lin Qing Xue, would be so pure. She was so big. Not only was she a virgin, she couldn’t even masturbate.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t… Su Lin, I … I’m not going to the hospital. I’m not going to the hospital…” Lin Qinxue in the bathroom shook her head with all her might. If she went to the hospital, wouldn’t it be a great loss of face? If her school colleagues knew about this, or even her own students knew about it, then how could she live? It was obvious that Lin Qinxue had ignored him at this time. Wasn’t Su Lin her student as well?

“How about… Why don’t you teach me Su Lin, Su Lin…”

It was as thin as a mosquito’s buzz. Lin Qinxue’s voice seemed to have been squeezed out of Su Lin’s throat. If it wasn’t for Su Lin’s exceptional hearing, no one else would have been able to hear it.

“What? Teacher Lin, what do you want me to teach you? ”

Vaguely hearing Lin Qinxue’s words, Su Lin was a bit confused. Lin Qinxue was his teacher, so what did she need him to teach her? Could it be… Eh, Su Lin suddenly understood.

“Teach me… Teach me. Since …”

As she said this, Lin Qingxue’s face was so red that blood could drip out. Fortunately, Su Lin couldn’t see her through the door.

“This… How can I teach you that? Teacher Lin, I… I don’t know either… No …. I mean, I only know myself, you… You’re a girl, I only know how to be a man, how can I teach you…”

Su Lin was also confused. He was at a loss for words, but he felt a faint sense of excitement.

“Then… Then what do you think we should do? I… I’m not going to the hospital anyway… ”

“This… How about this, I’ll give it a try. Teacher Lin, do as I say…”

After making up his mind, Su Lin took a deep breath. After all, he had seen so many action films on islands before.


Lin Qinxue reluctantly agreed.

“Teacher Lin, how about this, you stick your finger down and then…”

Su Lin desperately tried to recall the scenes from the action movies he had seen in the Island Country movies and then shamelessly described them to Lin Qinxue. Lin Qinxue, on the other hand, followed Su Lin’s instructions step by step through a frosted glass door.

“Um… Nnn… Ah…”

As they gradually entered the higher realms, Su Lin heard the sound. He knew that Lin Qinxue had already learned it, but with this, Su Lin’s own small tent was raised even higher.

“Darn it, forget it, I will do it myself …”

Unable to stand the noise and the atmosphere, Su Lin saw two pairs of black stockings that Lin Qinxue had changed into lying beside the sofa. He secretly ran over and sat on the sofa, holding these two pairs of stockings as he fiddled with them, listening to Lin Qinxue’s voice in the bathroom.

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